Why is Fruit Tea going viral on TikTok? Conspiracy theories explained!

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The For You section of TikTok is suddenly filled with the videos of Fruit Tea. But why? Let us find out the conspiracy behind it.

There is a conspiracy going on about people who drink fruit tea. Read more to find out about the Fruit Teas and whether you should drink them or not.

What is a Fruit Tea?

Fruit tea is not just a tea made with a fruity ingredient. It is a beverage sold by a company named Sosro. They have a lot of delicious flavors like Apples, Strawberries, Jambu Klutuk Freeze, Extreme, Lemon, Passion Fruit, Yuzu, and Blackcurrant.

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It is supposed to be very refreshing especially when it is cold. These teas are fresh and they do not just taste good but they smell amazing as well.

A lot of people are posting videos while buying this product and drinking it. Is this a marketing strategy? What is going on with these teas?

TikTok conspiracy explained – should I drink it?

TikTokers believes that whoever drinks these Fruit teas are going to do something wrong or shameful.

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Since the teas smell and taste so good, people think that whoever drinks something this good is doing this positive thing before doing something very negative.

As the drinks are going viral on TikTok, this superstition is gaining ground as well. People who buy these drinks are looked at with great suspicion by the cashiers in the supermarkets.

This has resulted in a reluctance to buy these fruit teas. Which means that people still buy it sneakily and post videos about doing so.

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The superstition or the conspiracy that people who drink fruit tea are going to do something bad is obviously illogical and it is giving a lot of attention to these teas.

Sounds like a great marketing strategy. amirite?

If you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should drink it cold in warm or hot temperatures. That’s when you can fully enjoy the refreshment.

How to make Fruit Tea tea at home

For those of you who like drinking fresh home-made fruit teas, here are some TikTok tutorials that will inspire you to get creative with your teas.

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