TikTok: Noah Schnapp’s Do It Again dance – Actor returns on TikTok after months

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Noah Schnapp has made it back on TikTok dancing with Millie Bobby Brown after being absent for over six months, and fans are reminiscing his Do It Again dance!

Noah Schnapp might not be a professional TikToker nor belong to the Sway Boys group, but he is one of TikTok’s favourite boys ever. His dancing videos go down in history and it looks like the young actor is back to serve some more!

Who is Noah Schnapp?

Noah Schnapp is a 16-year-old actor born on October 3rd, 2004 in New York City, USA.

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He was born to Canadian-American parents Mitchell and Karine Schnapp, raised in Scarsdale, New York and has a twin sister named Chloe.

The actor is best known for his role as Will Byers in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things.

Noah has also worked alongside Oscar winners Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks in the thriller movie “Bridge of Spies.”

The young phenomenon has won a Teen Choice Award and is indeed teens’ favourite actor.

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He has over 17 million followers on TikTok, almost 20 million on Instagram and 3.91 million subscribers on YouTube, posting videos with Charli D’Amelio and of course co-star Millie Bobby Brown.

Noah Schnapp is back on TikTok

Noah has been absent from all his social media accounts for over six months, but he has posted a TikTok video dancing to Renegade with Millie Bobby Brown captioning it “and we’re back.”

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He also posted an Instagram story after all this time and fans are thrilled to welcome the actor back!

His comeback video on TikTok has reached over 61 million views and fans are reminiscing all the legendary TikTok videos Noah made over summer 2020, when he was most active on the platform.

What is Noah Schnapp’s TikTok dance?

Noah actually made a dance of his own and it went viral over summer 2020, and even though the song is a remix of Do It Again by Pia Mia, TikTok users call it the “Noah dance.”

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Watch Noah Schnapp do the Noah dance below!

Apart from Renegade and Do It Again, Noah has done many viral dances and participated in TikTok challenges.

On his YouTube channel, he has a video in which Charli D’Amelio teaches him TikTok dances.

Here are a few more of Noah Schnapp’s best TikTok dances that will make you follow him if you don’t already!


my new favorite person @charlidamelio

♬ AhiChallenge – ROD🥴