TikTok: Meaning behind ‘trap door 24 shell cases on the floor’ lyrics and incredible examples!

Screenshot from @dlukemp TikTok

A rapper named DLU Kemp recently released a song onto TikTok containing the lyrics ‘trap door 24 shell cases on the floor’ which has now featured in thousands of videos. Creators are loving this popular new song especially due to the powerful meaning behind the lyrics.

In this article, we explore the motivation behind the viral TikTok song lyrics. Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about this young artist and his incredible new music with important reasoning, we even include amazing TikTok examples!

What is the ‘trap door 24 shell cases on the floor’ TikTok song?

A popular TikTok song has begun to spiral the app, containing the significant lyrics ”trap door 24 shell cases on the floor”.

The record named ‘This Is Why I’m Hot’ was recently released by a young, male artist named DLU Kemp.

Originally from the city of Lepanto in Arkansas, USA, DLU Kemp is a verified artist on Spotify with over 70,000 monthly listeners.

Over 5,000 TikTok videos now feature this song with numerous forms of content, varying from fun trends, challenges and more!

Below is a TikTok example shared by a creator named @cltautomodel, whereby the hit song paired with great content of her huge vehicle.

On TikTok as @dlukemp, the rapper currently has over 70,000 followers along with 588.4K likes in total.

DLU Kemp also has a large following on Instagram (@dlukemp_) with 12.4K followers and content surrounding his music.

Over on YouTube (DLU Kemp), the creator has reached 9.1K subscribers as he began sharing his music onto the platform.

Meaning behind the song lyrics

Although this song may just appear as the usual rap record, there is much more meaning behind the music.

@dlukemp took to TikTok on 22nd February to briefly explain his previous circumstances which encouraged him to create the piece.

DLU Kemp mentioned that he had formerly found himself practically homeless with no friends, no money, no job or car.

As he explained the reasoning behind this song release, he quoted feeling like everything around him had fell apart.

The rapper was then informed via a phone call that he would eventually become a father to his daughter, Naomi.

Since the announcement of his baby generated motivation, the artist expressed his determination to provide his daughter with a great life by stating:

“for the fast five months, I have been writing and recording as much as I could just so I could make this into a reality for her.”

This upload has now reached over 200,000 views and 53.9K likes in total, along with a comment section filled with tons of praise.

A viewer named @urdadconnor complimented the song in their comment:

“Hardest song of 2021”

DLU Kemp shared to TikTok that This Why I’m Hot has now reached one million streams in only one month.

The young artist now praises his music on various social media platforms.

On Instagram, @dlukemp_ acknowledged how far he has come in such a short space of time by captioning a recent image claiming that only last month, he was broke.

He has since created a lyric video with his fans in a TikTok video which uses Snapchat captions to produce the outcome.

Incredible TikTok examples

This Is Why I’m Hot is now surfacing the internet as TikTok users feature the sound in insane content.

A creator named @haileyalexis0402 shared humorous content which included DLU Kemp’s audio.

Another user named @myahbrynnb featured the sound in her video whereby she paired her friends with Barnyard movie characters.

A particularly popular use for the rap song has been to use it when showing off fantastic vehicles.

For example, @michae169 used the audio to flaunt a cool accessory found in his truck.


No wonder it’s been the #motortrends truck of the year for the last 3 years #ram1500 #McDonaldsCCSing #VideoSnapChallenge

♬ This Is Why I’m Hot – DLU Kemp

@tfbeecamaro also hopped on this trend to show off their astounding motors.

@tylergiesey again featured the song when presenting a vehicle attribute to their TikTok viewers.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and check out DLU Kemp and his incredible music with powerful meaning behind the lyrics!

Don’t forget to include the ‘trap door 24 shell cases on the floor’ song lyrics in your next TikTok upload!