TikTok hidden emoji list explained with amazing examples!

Screenshot from @unsaltedhoagie TikTok

TikTok currently features a hidden emoji list and creators are loving it! These secret icon codes appear as a short name wrapped in square brackets and are trending all over the app.

In this article, we explore the popular new icons and provide amazing TikTok examples which include them. Continue reading to find out how to access this hidden emoji list on TikTok!

What is the TikTok emoji list?

TikTok has previously featured an emoji list before the attribute was removed from the platform.

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The icons have now returned to the app and creators are loving them!

Emojipedia defines the hidden TikTok emojis as ‘secret’ emoji codes that work on both iOS and Android versions of the TikTok app.

Appearing as a short name wrapped in square brackets, the code then produces a unique emoticon.

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User named @ebayscam shared a video in July 2020 as the feature was removed.

A popular TikTok hashtag #TikTokemoji currently has 11 million views and is filled with content surrounding both the old and new feature,

Another hashtag #tiktokemojilist also has 566 views.

@po0piepo0ps featured screenshots of the emoticon list.

@sesnake shared a large list of the TikTok emoji codes.

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How to access TikTok emojis

In order to access this trending TikTok feature, you’ll need to of course head on to the app.

Now, simply choose from any of the unique icon codes on the emoji list and type it into the comments.

The code will then generate your chosen emoticon!

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For a visual example; a user named @unsaltedhoagie showed screenshots of the emoji options within a recent upload.


I can’t be the only one that didn’t know this was a thing…. #fyp #foryou #ItWasntMe #tiktokemojis #xyzbca

♬ Slurp Your Enthusiasm – Ne Skazhu

Don’t be fooled, this process is not complicated!

Amazing TikTok examples

@marsxjennie described individuals who use the TikTok emojis as their ‘lovely baes’.

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Another user named @fqirylvr used a meme template featuring the emojis.

Creator named @soriahs reached out to their viewers with the hopes to find the most favourited emoji in the comments.

This experiment resulted in the [proud] emoji being the ultimate favorite icon as it gained 931 likes in total.

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Screenshot from TikTok user @soriahs comment section.

Social media users are even getting so used to using TikTok emojis that they are getting confused while using different platforms.

@assahisupremacy shared her experience onto TikTok as she explained that she tried to use TikTok emojis while posting on Instagram.


please tell me i’m not the only one 😁 also why doesn’t the caption allow you to put them [sulk] 😐 #tiktokemojis

♬ rawr XD – 🦕

What are you waiting for? 🤷‍♀️

Go ahead and check out the popular TikTok emojis for yourself!