TikTok: Meet Realmena – age, siblings and how to address rumours!

Screenshot,TikTok @realmena
Screenshot, TikTok - @realmena

Realmena is a TikTok star who keeps her age and details about her personal life quiet. She has 740k followers and over 21 million likes on the video-sharing app, so how old is she really?

She shares vlogs on TikTok of her day to day life, occasionally posting videos of herself dancing and trying out different filters. We found out all you need to know about Realmena so you don’t have to!

Who is @Realmena?

Realmena, or Mena, is a young US TikTok star who has built a large following by posting videos of her life. She regularly posts POV videos and lip-syncing videos to some of her favourite songs. The star also posts impressions and comedy videos responding to popular culture.

From her account, we can tell she lives with her family and younger siblings, as they have appeared in the background of some of her videos. They also have a white and brown dog who Mena says is the only pet she owns.

Fans tease her for always holding the camera high above her head and call her a ‘flamingo’ because of the way she stands. In her most recent TikTok, she said if the video blows up then she will change how she stands to appease her fans.

How old is she?

@Realmena has addressed rumours that she is only 13-years-old several times on TikTok, but has not confirmed her real age. She posted a video saying, “This is the last time that I will clarify for y’all that I am NOT 13”. In the comments section, she admits that she is still in school so it is likely that she is between 14 and 17 years old.

Other TikTok users have commented, “she looks 11 tbh” and “I think she looks 17 or am I wrong” with others asking, “nah but how old are you fr?”

While there is speculation that Mena might be younger than she looks, we cannot be certain of her age until she addresses the rumours in a video. Her other social media is not connected to TikTok, and Mena clearly prefers TikTok to other platforms.