YouTube: Who is Baby Uniq on King and the Sting? Age, Instagram and five fast facts!

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The comedy podcast, King and the Sting has welcomed Baby Uniq to the show. With 333k subscribers on their YouTube channel, she is being introduced to a large fan base. Who is she and what do we know about her?

Find out about Baby Uniq, including where she’s from and what she will be adding to the podcast.

What is King and the Sting?

King and the Sting is a YouTube channel and podcast, hosted by Theo Von and Brendan Schaub. Brendan Schaub is an American stand-up comedian and former professional mixed martial artist and his cohost, Theo Von is also an American stand-up comedian and television personality.

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The hosts invite surprise guests, popular culture, and anything they’ve found interesting in their weekly comedy podcast. Episodes are usually between 1 and 1.5 hours long.

Baby Uniq has just joined the show’s Culture Corner, starting from the 96th episode of the show.

Who is Baby Uniq?

Baby Uniq is an artist, producer and sound engineer with 7k followers on Instagram. Her bio describes her as ‘the most scandalous b*tch in Los Angeles’. In her debut episode of King and the Sting she brought a python with her and describes herself as a “snake charmer”.

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She grew up as a Mexican in America and has struggled with her mixed identity. Baby Uniq lives with her two best friends in LA, and used to be a dancer.

She loves Foos Gone Wild on YouTube, and says 2020 has been “crazy enough” but her best year yet. Her EP is out now, and she produces most of her music herself with a few diverse collaborations.

5 Baby Uniq facts:

1.Her Twitter is @babyuniq_

2. She has an EP out on Spotify called ‘Baby Uniq’

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3. She loves animé!

4. Baby Uniq has tweeted about race before, writing: “so tired of white women stealing brown n black style. It’s 2020 b*tches can we get with the f*cking program?”

5. She lives in LA and spends a lot of her time in Hollywood