YouTube vs TikTok match for 5 million confirmed!

Screenshot of Instagram story of Austin Mcbroom

After months in making, the boxing match between the YouTube star Austin McBroom and TikTok celeb Bryce Hall will take place. Who are you all betting for?

How did this happen? We will tell you all the juicy details below along with the date of the D-day, which is very soon. Get the popcorn ready because the match is going to be amazing!

Who is Austin McBroom?

Austin is the dad from The ACE Family which is a channel full of vlogs, crazy experiences, challenges, pranks, and fun family times. Their YouTube channel 19 million subscribers and the parents – Austin and Catherine – are popular on Instagram as well.

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This handsome boxer is just 28 years old and from California, United States. You can wish him on 20th May. He had a passion for sports from a young age but Basketball was his all-time favorite.

Catherine and Austin got married in secret on 3rd January 2020 in t-shirts! They didn’t want a grand wedding so even their friends and family weren’t invited.

This modest couple is living the dream life with two beautiful daughters and one son. You can check out the cute family portrait and see the love.

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If you are wondering what ACE stands for, it is Austin, Catherine, and Elle (the name of their eldest daughter).

Everything about Bryce Hall

This TikTok star was born on 14th August 1999 in Maryland. He is only 21 years old but he has gained 19 million followers on TikTok already.

With 7 million followers on Instagram as well, you can consider him an Instagram celebrity as well.

If you are looking for a good laugh, check out his videos because they are hilarious.

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He once hit headlines on drug-related charges and spent the night in jail. Even though he was released the day after on bail, he claims that the incident changed his life.

As far as we know, this cute star is single but you never know..

When will the YouTube vs TikTok boxing match take place?

There have been several heated posts on social media between the two boys about having a boxing match. Austin has been pushing for a fight but Bryce did not relent.

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But finally, he changed his mind and posted on 16th March that he will be fighting Austin after all. Bryce even called him Austin McBum. #lol

The venue nor the date has been selected but at least the date of the match will be revealed tomorrow (18th March 2021). We are eagerly waiting for updates and can’t wait to see who wins 5 million dollars.