TikTok: Who is @bugworkout? Viral videos explained!

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A TikTok user named @bugworkout, formerly known as Evgeny Bugaev, is currently trending on the app as his videos gain millions of views. Concerned viewers express their outrage towards this controversial content on various social media platforms!

In this article, we explore these bizarre TikTok videos and discover appalled viewer responses on both TikTok and Twitter. Continue reading to find out all you need to know about @bugworkout and just why he is trending online.

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What do you think about this ?!😉 Did everything right ?! 😉 что ты подумал об этом ?! 😉 #sports #wow #fyp #viral #foryou #bugworkout @kentang_bayi

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Who is @bugworkout on TikTok?

Evgeny Bugaev, known on TikTok as @bugworkout, is currently spiralling the internet as his controversial content shocks viewers.

Currently holding 8.3 TikTok followers as well as over 200 million likes in total, the user has gained an extremely large audience on the app.

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His content often features other individuals and is usually situated in public settings such as shopping stores.


It’s ok ?! 😉 Оцените трюк от 1 до 10 ! 😉

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As a Russian male, the content creator often refers to his nationality within captions of his uploads.

Although this user has privatised his Instagram account (@bugworkout), he currently has 86.8K followers and over 600 posts.

@bugworkout‘s Instagram bio describes himself as an athlete, he also quotes:

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“👋My life is making videos🤙”

The exact age of @bugworkout is unknown however he appears to be a young creator.

@bugworkout TikTok videos explained

On 13th February, @bugworkout uploaded a controversial video that featured him tying up a woman’s leg to constrain her, before another male rescues her.


What do you think about this ?!😉 Did everything right ?! 😉 что ты подумал об этом ?! 😉 #sports #wow #fyp #viral #foryou #bugworkout @kentang_bayi

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A TikTok user named @ghjvhjikk gained over 40,000 likes on their comment stating:

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“This is so wrong in so many ways 😭🙏”

@abdx_k7 showed concern about the context of the video by commenting:

“Why is someone CASUALLY standing like that in a mall who in the actual hell stands on one foot in a middle of a mall”

Another controversial video involved the disturbance of a woman as two males appear to show her unwanted attention.


Что мы там увидели ?! 😅🐟

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@billiestxnss bluntly commented:

“This is not okay.”

However, not everyone is outraged by this content, a user named @ct_3674 defended @bugworkout in their comment:

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“Ok to everyone thats saying its not ok: it’s obviously stageg and she agrred to do it because there is a cameraman walking backwards in fromt of her..”

In another video, the creator allegedly conducts sexism as he exposes his body to the public, however prevents his female partner from doing so.

@its__not__emma questioned why TikTok have given this user a platform to create content as they refer to his verification in their comment:

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“Can someone tell me why he’s verified”

Another video blew up on the app and gained 27.8 million views along with tons of concerned feedback.


What do you think about this ?! 😉 Sport in Russia ! 😉что ты подумал об этом ?!😍 #sports #viral #foryou #bugworkout @kentang_bayi

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@kieran1400 commented:

“This is just wrong”

It seems as though the creator often repeats content ideas as he also gained 29.5 million views on another similar video.

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What are you thinking ?! 😉 This is a sport in Russia! 😉 #sports #wow #viral #foryou @kentang_bayi

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Below is another example of @bugworkout‘s content which gained masses of attention.


why do girls always bend over like this ?!😂 Зачем девушки всегда так нагинаются?! 😅 #comedy #prank #reaction #humor @kentang_bayi

♬ оригинальный звук – Evgeny Bugaev

TW: The creator liked a comment by @mickey43clubhouse22 which referred to sexual assault and asked:

“Is R@pe reall a sport In Russia or is it 🧢”

Keep reading to discover more concerned social media reactions!

Crazy TikTok and Twitter responses

TW: Jordan Elizabeth (@jjones451) referred to a viral @bugworkout video as she urged her viewers to report the account for performing an act of sexual assault.


not @tiktok censoring people speaking out against sxual assault…. let’s try again shall we? Thanks @bugworkout for the gross video

♬ original sound – Jordan Elizabeth

A user named @pedrosica3 shook their head as they reacted to one of the viral videos.

@savagelou21 also expressed their concern for the content in a duet video on TikTok.

TW: Over on Twitter, @cypthkiller encouraged social media users to report the videos and TikTok page.

Another user named @dekumdrya took to Twitter to state that this TikTok account is a good example of reasons males are allegedly hated.

What do you think?

Head over to @bugworkout TikTok account to discover more videos of a similar nature.

Remember to report if you see anything that violates TikTok’s community guidelines!