How to request to join a live stream on TikTok

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One of the best things that TikTok adopted was to be able to do live shows together. Here’s how you can request to join someone’s live stream.

Doing joint live streams has more benefits and is more entertaining than doing the solo ones. A live stream enables you to have someone to talk to instead of just you going on without any direction.

If you just want to impart some knowledge or do a comedy skit then its fine but if you really want to engage your audience, joining live streaming is the best way to go. Your audience will see you interact and relate to you better.


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Can I go live on TikTok?

The feature of going live was launched in 2019 and it gave the users to provide long videos in this platform filled with short videos.

But unlike Instagram, not everyone with an account can go live for their followers. You need at least a thousand followers for now (in June 2021) to be able to use TikTok Live.

Apart from that, users above 13 years can make an account on the platform but they have to be above 16 years of age before they can start going live.

So after growing your followers to 1k, the best way to interact with them in real time would be with live streams where nothing is edited and you can showcase the real you.


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How to request to join a TikTok Live?

If you want to use TikTok Live for solo streams, you can swipe the Create Icon to Live in the navigation, pick an image and type out your title and you are good to go.

To make any changes like adding effects or filter comments once the live streaming has started, you can click on the three dots and change the settings. You can choose to implement the gifting feature at any point in the live stream.

While being on live video, if you want to request someone to join you, all you have to do is click on the button on the left bottom corner and choose who you want to join you.

The user will have 20 seconds to join you. If you want to join someone who is on TikTok Live, you can start the streaming and then click on the two smiling faces near the comment section.

This will send the request to join and the host can choose to accept of reject this option. Once they accept, the audience will be able to see both of you and you will be able to interact with the host and their audience.