What is the Lego Piece 32557 meme? Kids’ toy for adults!

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Photo by Victor Xok on Unsplash

Who knew social media could turn an innocent lego piece into a sexual meme…

Lego, which began manufacturing in Denmark, 1949, has been a part of almost every child’s life. It was the go to toy for parents to buy their children, it’s a brilliant mix of entertainment and getting children to begin to learn problem solving.

Lego pieces can be assembled and connected in many ways to construct objects, including vehicles, action figures, buildings, or something straight from the child’s imagination. But, some pieces have gathered new meanings!

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So what exactly is the lego piece 32557 meme?

Well, the slogan of the meme is; “Guys don’t Google lego piece 32557, worst mistake of my life”.

The slogan relates to the lego piece being in the shape of the male private part. The slogan has a exaggerated tone to it as, of course it wouldn’t be the worst mistake of your life, but it plays on the fact that Lego is made for children and children are not suited to sexual connotations.

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Memes regularly relate to sexual connotations, even if they are a kids toy… But that is the whole idea of memes, to make a joke out of something that you wouldn’t put together or have loose connotations to each other.

So, why is there this sexual connection to the Lego piece?

As you can see from the above image, the lego piece has a similar shape to the male private part.

Sex sells! Remember that. If something can be related to some sort of sexual action or part then it will usually attract attention.

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Anything with the slightest resemblance to a sexual body part is instantly made into a joke, or slandered. It really depends on the demographic that post about it.

It is quite worrying to think that the young children of the world are becoming more and more familiar, and reliant, on social media. They use it to connect with their friends, but should they be open to such adult humour at such a young age? I think we know the answer parents reading this will give!

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The different takes on the meme through social media

Reddit seemed to take particular interest in the meme, with people creating and editing the meme with different backgrounds that show a character or person scared, or running away from something.

Twitter took to the more sexual side of the meme in a written way, using the Lego piece as a way of saying they want intercourse or are thinking about intercourse.

The #LegoFlirting allows people to instantly connect the Lego piece and sex together, it’s an instant giveaway. This tweet by @Thegagzu is one of the more raunchy meme’s to be made but it certainly won’t be the last, people want more!

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