Twitter: Second biggest city in Tennessee ban explained!

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Twitter banned the word Memphis out of nowhere and when users found that out, they started asking “Which is the second biggest city in Tennessee?”

As you can imagine, whoever answered correctly was automatically banned (only for 12 hours don’t worry) and was required to delete the tweet. Twitter was forced to explain this fiasco and here is the full story of what really happened.

What is the second biggest city in Tennessee?

The answer to that question is Memphis which is the new m-word on Twitter now. This town is full of beautiful history – the cornerstone of the civil rights movement, the home of FedEx, a heartland of blues and country music.

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This is why the ban of the word made no sense. A lot of accounts got suspended on Sunday (14th March 2021) to which Twitter was forced to acknowledge the issue.

Why was Memphis banned from Twitter?

As per policy, if you tweet “Memphis” which was against the rules of Twitter, you get a warning “You may not publish or post other people’s private information without their express authorization and permission”.

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After that, there is a 12-hour suspension which means you cannot tweet, retweet, like, or follow anyone during that time period.

After an uproar of a lot of suspended accounts, Twitter Support addressed the issue by apologizing and fixing the issue.

But that was it. We do not know how many users were suspended nor why was the word banned. This means that everyone is making memes about it and speculating the reasons for the ban.

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Can we now say the m-word?

Yes! We can finally say the word and no one can stop us.

The reason this ban was found was that people were tweeting about a Dutch soccer player Memphis Depay which led to a ban.

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When a user named Noah Evans realized this, he bravely sacrificed his second account to show us the proof. Check it out –

Since the bug was fixed as soon as it was found out, this shall be the proof of the Twitter debacle for a few days until we find something else to obsess over.

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Maybe the word will now become a cuss-word because of this.