How to DM a girl on Instagram – Six tips that never fail!

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We are about to answer one of the most burning questions on the Internet: How to dm a girl on Instagram! Here are six tips for texting!

Social and dating life have been very affected by the pandemic. Where are you supposed to find your soulmate when even schools are closed? During these times, we appreciate the miracle of social media. A simple dm can do wonders to your personal life and we’re here to help you structure a dm that won’t leave you on read!

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Dating on social media

Let’s just face it: most Gen Z will be finding their partners online. Currently, twenty per cent of committed relationships began online, and after the coronavirus outbreak, the percentage is likely to increase.

Dating apps, like Tinder and Bumble, are great ways to attract people and shoot your shot, but Instagram sounds cooler and less forced doesn’t it?

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Here are six tips to effectively dm a girl on Instagram!

How to DM a girl on Instagram

Be smooth

First and foremost, you need to come off kind and gentle by dropping a smooth dm. A simple “hey, how are you?” will do the job at first, until you get to know them better.

Avoid pickup lines like “well, here I am. What are your other two wishes?” She might laugh but she won’t ever take you seriously unless you look like Michael B. Jordan.

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Compliment her

Reacting to a selfie story is a good strategy. Compliment her, make her feel beautiful, but don’t overdo it. Linking to tip 1, keep it smooth and subtle.

Ask insightful questions

Once you get a reply, keep the conversation going. Ask her questions, from simple ones to deeper ones. Ask her about her hobbies, what she’s been up to, her family, her dreams and plans for the future.

We love a good conversationalist! it could make you go from a 7/10 to a 10/10 real quick.

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Send voice memos or even call

If you have an attractive deep voice, send her a voice message. Trust me, she will love it, as long as it’s not cringy.

It’s a known fact that females love a deep sexy voice! If you feel confident enough and you’ve been talking for a hot minute, go the extra mile and give her a casual call.

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Avoid s*xting

While sending pictures and voice messages is a good practice to get closer to her, s*xting can be a major turn off.

Before you say anything like that, just don’t! Especially if you haven’t met in person yet, s*xting might get you ghosted.

Know your audience

Whatever dm you decide to drop, know your audience. Take a look at her profile, her group of friends, find out their interests and the conversation will then flow.

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If things work out, we want our wedding invite 💌 !