How to take the Reality Check Personality Quiz on TikTok – it is destroying everyone!

Screenshot from TiKTok @bushy.brow.simp0 Eriyah

A brand new personality quiz has taken over TikTok that gives you a total reality check and its name is “Let Me F*cking Destroy You”. Here is all about the quiz and how you can take it.

After the Keystone Personality Test, TikTokers are eager to have them tested with quizzes and find out more about themselves. But this one guarantees to “destroy you”. Are you ready to take this on? If so, here is how you can take the test and some attempts of users taking the test.

What is the ‘Let Me Destroy You’ quiz about?

The latest personality quiz is this one that gives you a reality check. It is made by a user who calls themselves “tiredluvs”.

If you go to the website to take the test, you can actually that the quiz is called “let me f*cking destroy you by giving you a reality check”.

The only introduction that they have given is “take at your own risk <3 also don’t take this shit too srsly (my tumblr’s @blithesag if you want to attack me after this)”.

Sounds very ominous, doesn’t it?

Also, don’t bother finding them on Tumblr. We already did and we couldn’t find them.

Let’s us find out how you can take this test and give yourself a reality check.

How to take the Reality Check Personality Quiz?

Go to the uQuiz website where you can make up your own quizzes. Find this quiz by searching it in the search bar. Here is a link to this quiz.

Type in your name and then you will be asked 11 questions that seem to be about TV show characters, how you would kill someone you hate, etc.

Then you are given an answer to your personality that is not just rude but a harsh truth that you need to hear.

Some truths are ugly to accept but we all have something hidden, even to our own selves. So embrace the truth and be free. Be better.

Or make fun of how inaccurate the test was, you know. Whatever floats your boat.

Check out what other people had to say about the test.

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the mbti specifically i be hitting neutral on too many of the questions 💀💀 #mbti #uquiz

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if you want to be given a harsh reality check that is partially true… let me know. #fyp #realitycheckquiz

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