Twitter: “Slap an Asian challenge” emerges in San Francisco – Users warn of inhuman trend

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An inhuman challenge has been going on in San Francisco. Here’s everything you need to know about the Slap an Asian challenge that has to be condemned.

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, hate crimes and bullying behaviour against Asian people have skyrocketed, arguing that Asians are to blame for the deadly virus since it first appeared in China. These inhuman behaviours have been peaking in 2021 and they must be stopped.

Hate crimes against Asians

Hate crimes against Asians have spiked in recent months, fuelled by rhetoric that blames them for the spread of Covid-19.

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In late February 2020, when the Covid-19 first started spreading across Europe, an East Asian student of Chinese ethnicity was beaten up on Oxford Street by a group of boys and was told: “we don’t want your coronavirus in our country.”

A year later, in March 2021, eight people were killed in shootings at spas in the US state of Georgia, six of which were women of Asian descent.

After the shootings in Georgia on March 16th, 2021, the movement #StopAsianHate has been taking over social media.

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Slap an Asian challenge

A challenge called “Slap an Asian” has emerged in San Francisco and people are using social media to raise awareness of it.

Social media users are reporting that a challenge that involves slapping Asian people in public has emerged in the Bay Area of San Francisco.

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Evidently, groups of five or more kids are going on public transportation and slapping Asian and Asian American people, targeting mostly Asian elders and Asian women.

It is unknown whether the challenge has spread to other areas of San Francisco, but it has to end now, and the children should be educated by their parents.

Twitter users react to Slap an Asian challenge

Twitter was the first platform to raise awareness of the hate crime challenge going on in San Francisco and users are condemning it.

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One wrote: “There’s a ‘Slap An Asian Challenge’ going around in the San Francisco Bay area this afternoon!! A group of 5 or more alleged teenagers are going on public transportation to slap Asians, targeting the elderly and women. Please be careful!! #StopAsianHate.”

Another one tweeted concerned: “I HATE that Asian people are seen as vulnerable especially the elderlies. people are so fucking cruel + w the slap an Asian challenge???!!! what is this? people should be ashamed of themselves. I am so concerned for myself and my family.”

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How to protect Asian communities

The Asian community needs our support more than ever, and we ought to show them respect and love.

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Check in on your Asian friends who are likely to be triggered by these events.

Check in on the Asian international students away from their families, the Asian retail workers fearing for their safety, and the Asian public transport commuters glancing around for threats.

Check in on the Asian local restaurant owners trying to make a living and support them as much as you can.

Stop the Slap the Asian challenge, stop all the racist hate crimes against people and let’s all educate ourselves!