Meet Ash B. Coffin: Hilarious Reddit story explains she was ‘owned’ by a 3-year-old!

Power Lai, Unsplash
Power Lai, Unsplash

After a popular Reddit post, people are wondering what happened between Twitter personality, Ash B. Coffin, and a 3-year-old boy who embarrassed her.

The Scottish Twitter and Instagram user has found herself in hot water. What was the argument about and why are people talking about it?

Who is Ash B. Coffin?

Ash B. Coffin is a Twitter personality who is known for her leftist views and overt sexuality. Her Twitter bio describes her as ‘Scotland’s worst export and commie scum’ as well as a ‘recovering podcaster.’

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As well as commenting on politics and social issues, she often posts photos of herself in provocative costumes and outfits and tweets about sex.

How did she ‘get owned’ by a 3-year-old?

Yesterday, she tweeted, “I was walking past my old nursery and saw a bunch of wee toddlers doing circle time outside and got teary eyed nostalgia and then one of them saw me and said “look it’s a ginger!” And they all turned around and gaped at me.”

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Then added, “You think I won’t ruin a 3 year old boy’s life?” joking that she could seduce his dad and get his parents to divorce within the year. “No more big back garden for you! 2 christmases and birthdays, all because you just had to be a mouthy gobsh***.”

Having posted the thread on Reddit as well, Ash received 21k upvotes as people were entertained by her post. One Twitter user commented that no Dad would date her, then admitted to seeing what she looked like on Instagram and ate his words.

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Was the argument real?

There is nothing to suggest Ash responded to the children laughing at her hair colour, and her threat to destroy the young boy’s family was obviously said in jest. Ash is often known for her tongue-in-cheek sense of humour online and does not seem bothered by criticism in her comments section.