We found that TikTok Couch so you don’t have to – price and where to buy!

Screenshot, Apt2b

There is a couch that has found fame on TikTok, with users desperate to know where to find it so they can join in the fun. #Couch has over 221 million views on the social media app and thousands of people have joined in the trend by sharing videos of their couches.

If are looking for a new couch, or an upgrade after seeing the countless videos of the amazingly comfortable seating – look no further! Here is a useful list of where you can find the magic couch.

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What’s special about the TikTok couch?

The TikTok couch looks like a normal corner couch, but the magic is in the secret storage and additional seating. The extra seats fold out and turn the couch into a bed of cushioned comfort, providing plenty of space for you and your friends to relax and hang out.

TikTok users lucky enough to have their own magic couch have filmed themselves pulling blankets and pillows out from the secret storage, proving it is the ultimate cosy couch.

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Where can I buy it?

However, lucky for some, it would be impossible for this couch to sell out as the design is used by many different furniture companies. Here is a list of some of the places you can buy it:

  • 1. Apt 2B has some high-end couches in a range of colours
  • 2. Wayfair has a green version for UK fans
  • 3. The Sleep Judge has a great list for those looking for maximum comfort
  • 4. Acme has a version to seat a large group
  • 5. Legend Furniture offers the TikTok couch in pink!
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