Who is Instagram model Nataagataa? The pope ‘likes’ her!

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Antonio Martorella, Flickr

Instagram model, Nata Gata (@nataagataa) has over 2.3 million followers, regularly posting pictures of herself in bikinis and lingerie. So why is she trending?

The Brazilian Argentine model has been active on social media for years, so what has happened to get people talking. It might have something to do with a certain public figure showing interest in her account!

Who is @ Nataagataa on Instagram?

Natalia Garibotto, or Nata Gata as she is more widely known is a Twitch partner and social media model. Her mother is Brazilian and her father is Argentinian, and she receives hundreds of thousands of likes on her Instagram photos.

She is partnered with Fashinova, and regularly posts sponsored content on her social media pages. Since she is famous because of her body and appearance, Nata Gata also shares workout videos and fitness tips.

Why is she trending?

The reason she is trending is because Pope Francis’ instagram account liked one of her saucy photos where she is dressed in school uniform. Natalia has joked about the like saying, “at least I’m going to heaven”.

Other people on Twitter have found the situation very entertaining, with comments such as, “Pope Francis is horny as hell” and “Pope Francis blessed an Instagram model with a like today”.

Several memes have been made poking fun at this unusual situation, it has not been confirmed whether the like was an accident.

What is The Pope’s Instagram?

The Pope is known as @franciscus on Instagram and he has over 7.3 million followers and 970 posts. He has elected as Pope by the papal conclave in 2013.

Liking pictures of bikini models is not the social media activity people might expect from the Head of the Catholic Church, but it seems anything is possible in 2020…