TikTok: Who is Caden Woodall? Football team and age of viral #7 star!

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A TikTok video featuring a High School football team celebrating and dancing in the locker room to Eenie Meenie by Justin Beiber has gone viral. Fans are asking: who is the guy in the #7 top?

The boys dancing around to Justin Bieber in their Spartans tops have caused a stir online. Fans have said the video is living in their heads rent-free and are desperate to find out more about the star player. We found #7 and all you need to know about him.

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TikTok: Who is the #7 player?

Caden Woodall is the #7 player at Stevenson High School’s Spartans football team. He is still in High School and lives in Michigan. The star has been nominated for The 2020 Michigan High School Football Player of the Year. Caden currently lives with his parents and sister, all of whom he thanks for their ongoing support.

Caden’s personal TikTok has over 157k followers despite not having posted any videos. Several fan accounts have already emerged, sharing videos and pictures of the heartthrob.

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About the Stevenson High School’s Spartans

At the moment, Caden plays for his school team at Stevenson High School. He has been playing football for 12 years and is due to play at Harvard University next year, proving he has to brains to match his football talent. The players he is dancing with in the Eenie Meenie video is therefore his High School team.

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Caden wrote on Twitter, “playing college football has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember” and adds, “I will be continuing my athletic and academic career at Harvard University… I am ecstatic to join the Crimson family!! #CrimXXI”.

How old is Caden Woodall?

Caden Woodall’s birthday is not disclosed but since he is starting college next year, we can assume he is either 17 or 18 years old. Despite only being a teenager, Caden has gained himself thousands of fans on TikTok after the recent viral video.

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He is the centre of attention on TikTok, with fans saying, ‘you have my heart’ and ‘I have watched this video too many times’ as well as ‘#7 knows what it’s like to be every girl’s crush.’