TikTok: Read Choi and Gina Darling drama explained – STD apology!

Screenshot from @helloginadarling TikTok

A TikTok creator named Gina Darling recently posted a series of videos accusing Read Choi of numerous allegations as she explained the drama between him and other women. Read Choi has now responded with an Instagram apology referring to the STD situation!

Continue reading to find out all you need to know about Read Choi and Gina Darling as we explore the drama surrounding the TikTok stars. Discover why Read Choi is receiving backlash for how he treats women as we explain his Instagram apology post!

Who are Read Choi and Gina Darling?

Read Choi and Gina Darling are American TikTok stars, currently trending throughout social media due to drama allegations.

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On TikTok as @helloginadarling, Gina Darling currently has over 800,000 followers along with over 27 million likes in total.

Her content would usually contain trending audios and lighthearted humour.

@missginadarling currently has over 500,000 followers on Instagram with posts including herself and friends.

Red Choi (@readchoi) is a male TikTok creator with 2.7 million followers as well as over 93 million likes in total.

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Over on Instagram (@readchoi) the creator has over 180,000 followers and often uploads content including images of himself.

Keep scrolling to find out the tea between these two social media stars! ☕️

Read Choi and Gina Darling drama explained

Gina Darling took to TikTok on 16th March to upload a several-part series explaining the drama between her and Read Choi.

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She began by announcing that, like many other females on social media, she has also dated Read Choi and encountered many problems.

Gina and Read met in August of 2020 however, they only started dating in the last two months and recently broke up two weeks ago.

Read supposedly dumped Gina due to her trust issues.

The creator since spotted Read at an event, whereby he was with another woman.

In part two; Gina explains her shock that he had moved on so quickly.

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She also expresses his hypocrisy for using a dating app after speaking badly about these platforms.

After meeting other women that had also dated Read, Gina discovered that he had a girlfriend which she was unaware of when he met her.

The female creator stated that the name ‘clout chaser’ should be added to Read’s list of sins.

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In part four, Gina explains that she had been told that Read had admitted to sleeping with over 100 women.

Out of shock and concern, Gina Darling proceeded to get an STD screening test.

Part five explains that she was then called into the doctor’s office and told that she had tested positive for chlamydia.

The creator then found out that Read knew he had chlamydia and proceeded to sleep with other women.

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Within part six of the series, Gina states that she has had to check Read for saying offensive slurs such as the N-word, as well as speaking down on women and obesity.

On Twitter, Gina uploaded a google drive document that contained all of the screenshots used for proof.

Part seven entails allegations that Read again conducts hypocrisy towards how he mistreats women.

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After receiving masses of feedback surrounding how Read has previously mistreated women, Gina proceeded to upload a part eight of the drama series.

Despite denying having any form of social media before TikTok, it has now became known that Read used to go by his real name ‘Sam Choi’ on the internet.

Gina Darling finalised the series by quoting:

“We don’t know who he really is but we do know that he does not deserve a platform because he will keep abusing women.”

Keep reading to find out how Read Choi responded to these allegations.

Read Choi Instagram apology

@readchoi then took to Instagram to upload screenshots of his digital notes which address his faults.

The post consists of eight separate screenshots addressing the situation.

Read admittedly stated:

“I have mistreated those women, and for that I am deeply sorry.”

When referring to the STD allegations, Read quoted:

“As for the std, I also deeply apologise. I was simply uneducated. I showed no symptoms, and so, like an idiot, I did not think I had it.”

He further reflects upon his hypocrisy surrounding dating apps, as well as the truth that he is no longer a good person.

Read describes himself using the statement:

“I am a broken man, trying to put myself back together, and become a good one.”

The creator finalises his statement by announcing that he is now seeking professional help.

For more information surrounding the drama between Read Choi and Gina Darling, head over to their various social media platforms!