Why is FaZe getting kicked out of California? New location revealed!

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A lot of FaZe clan members seem to be leaving Los Angeles. Is FaZe getting kicked out of California? Here’s everything you need to know!

FaZe Clan is a professional esports and entertainment organisation founded by Richard Bengston, widely known as FaZe Banks. The headquarters of the clan is Los Angeles, California, but according to the latest news from FaZe members, the team is relocating.

Why is FaZe getting kicked out of California?

The real reason why the FaZe team leaving California is still unknown, but they are certainly not quitting, as they all seem to be relocating to Las Vegas.

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The FaZe clan has been active for over 10 years now and ever since its release, the FaZe House was established in Los Angeles, California.

Many members of the team have been announcing on their social media that they are leaving not only Los Angeles, but California overall.

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This news has made fans wonder what is happening to the FaZe Clan and whether they are being forced to leave the state of California.

This isn’t the first time the Faze House is relocating, it has done so six times already, but this time fans are more concerned.

HanRidge latest YouTube video explained

The speculations that maybe someone is forcing FaZe to move out of Cali started when Han Ridge, who manages the TikTok account of the FaZe clan, posted a YouTube video titled “We Got Kicked Out The FaZe House * serious *.”

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In the video, doesn’t mention the reason they are being “kicked out”, but she ends up the video by saying “we’re all homeless”, not confirming where the FaZe House is settling next.

Twitter reacts to FaZe moving out of California

FaZe fans took over Twitter to try and make sense of the whole FaZe relocation and who will be continuing working for the FaZe Clan.

Many users believe that the reason the FaZe Clan is leaving California is because of the rise of taxes in the state.

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Here are a few of Twitter’s reactions to the moving out news of FaZe.

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