What is send nudes upside down? Sapnu Puas memes explained from Twitter and TikTok!

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Screenshot from @amirwrld TikTok

Social media slang is being used all the time but people are now wondering about the meaning of something in particular: what is send nudes upside down?

Read below to find out the meaning of sapnu puas and how to use it!

What is the meaning of ‘sapnu puas’? And what is send nudes upside down?

The term ‘sapnu puas’ is simply the upside-down version of the common phrase ‘send nudes’.

If you’re innocent enough to still be unsure of this meaning, you’ve come to the right place – look no further.

Send nudes is a request for explicit pictures, usually sent from social media.

However, this command often does not result in actual images containing nudity – it is usually responded to with humour.

Why is this term used?

Aside from people genuinely requesting nude photographs, many people simply use the phrase to lighten the mood in conversations.

In a definition by Dictionary.com, they use examples of the term in text messages, one being a funny response to the request when the messenger replies with an image of noodles.

Social media users make use of this slang-term in content such as TikTok videos.

TikTok user, @amirwrld, used the term in his comical upload whereby he re-enacts text messages between him and his crush.

‘sapnu puas’ memes

Send nudes/sapnu puas memes have been spiralling the internet for years – and theyre still used.

A particular trending meme that made use of the comical phrase send nudes

Twitter user, Victoria @manifestitmommy) took to Twitter back in 2016 to laugh about a send nudes meme

@Caromel jokingly tweeted about the meme.

Another user, @sadraptorshazo also Tweeted about the funny meme by suggesting that it is timeless and will always be funny.

What do you think about this slang-term? Humorous enough to use while messaging online or slightly creepy?