Instagram Live: Did Mario Judah beat his girl? Or was it staged?

Screenshot from @genius TikTok

Mario Judah, the American artist, was caught allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend on an Instagram Live-stream. However, viewers are now speculating if this could be staged.

Continue reading below to find out what has happened and why people are questioning the truth.

Who is Mario Judah?

Twenty-two-year-old Mario Judah is an American singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer.

Mario began producing music in 2017 at the age of 18, three years later he released his first commercial single.

With 746K followers on his Instagram (@mariojudah) along with 145.8K followers on Twitter (@mariojudah_), Judah has a large audience who actively search for information regarding him.

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TikTok user, @grunchydamafiaboss, uploaded a video explaining details about the artist’s background.


ROCKSTARRRRRR 💥💥🎸🎸⚡️⚡️❤️#mariojudah

♬ Bih Yah – Mario Judah

The popular hashtag #mariojudah has 169.5 million views on TikTok and is filled with content involving Judah.

What happened on Instagram Live?

After finding out his girlfriend cheated on him, Mario took to both Twitter and Instagram to express his emotions.

He first of all addressed the pain of heartbreak.

The rapper then began tweeting threatening messages regarding unfaithful partners.

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Judah eventually completely expressed his anger in videos that were uploaded onto his social media platforms, one being Twitter.

The same post was uploaded onto his Instagram page.

Mario then began an Instagram live-stream whereby he spotted his girlfriend and ran out of the car to chase after her.

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@weluvgucci screen recorded the video and uploaded it to Twitter.

Was his live stream staged?

Many viewers believe that Mario then assaulted his ex-girlfriend due to his violent words and actions.

During the live-stream, Mario’s acquaintance was suggesting that they put the women into their car, to which he then responded:

“F*** that, let her sit right there and bleed.”

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However, other viewers believe this situation may have been staged in order for the artist to gain clout.

@big_hasso took to Twitter to claim that Mario had faked the assault.

What do you think? Did Mario Judah stage this situation and claim that he assaulted his alleged cheating ex-girlfriend?