TikTok: Rupi Kaur deletes reading video after backlash – Twitter roasts Milk and Honey poet

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Tumblr inspired poet Rupi Kaur posted a TikTok video reading one of her poems and it wasn’t received well, but she’s rather being roasted online.

Rupi Kaur is known online as one of the most successful poets of the Internet generation, with her book Milk and Honey entering The New York Times bestseller list. While the short rhymes and prose of Rupi Kaur are well perceived, her latest reading on TikTok didn’t amuse fans but rather turned some against her.

Who is Rupi Kaur?

Rupi Kaur is a 28-year-old Canadian author, poet and illustrator of Indian heritage, born on October 4th, 1992 in Punjab, India.

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The poet’s fame rose on social media where she started sharing her short rhymes in 2013, before releasing her first book “Milk and Honey” in 2014 and taking over the world.

Kaur was born into a Sikh family in Punjab, India and migrated with her parents to Canada when she was four years old, settling in Brampton, Ontario.

She attended Turner Fenton Secondary School, before studying rhetoric and professional writing at the University of Waterloo.

Kaur’s success has been mind-blowing, and her current net worth is estimated at one million dollars.

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Rupi Kaur’s controversial TikTok video


friendship nostalgia from #homebody ~ oh how i miss being a kid #rupikaur #poetry

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Rupi Kaur decided to join TikTok recently and share videos of herself reading some pages of her books “Home Body,” which was published a year ago, and her best-seller “Milk and Honey.”

“You must have known you were wrong when your fingers were dipped inside me searching for honey, that would not come for you,” Kaur read in a TikTok video and users found it “cringy” and started roasting the poet.

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Rupi Kaur deleted the video after she noticed the bad reactions, but the damage was already done, and the video is now all over Twitter.

Twitter trolls poet Rupi Kaur

TikTok did not welcome Rupi Kaur as she would expect and now Twitter is joining the roasting game against the poet with memes, almost getting too harsh and attempting to cancel the “Milk and Honey” writer.

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One wrote: “I hate to admit, but for a very long time I thought Rupi Kaur was a fictional character that people made up to attribute really bad mock poetry to,” while another one tweeted: “somebody owes me $20 for making me look at that Rupi Kaur thing even once.”

Here are a few more tweets roasting Rupi Kaur’s TikTok video.

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