Robert Hunter Biden II: Height, age and how he compares to the Presidential family!

Screenshot from Youtube video of @Inside Edition

While looking at the Biden family, everyone is starting to fall in love with little Robert Hunter Biden II.

The Presidential inauguration brought out the entire Biden family with much of the spotlight shining on young Mr. Hunter. The family has been blessed with good genes when it comes to height because all of them are strikingly tall.

But how tall exactly is lil Rob?

President Joe Biden has six grandchildren and all of them have become overnight stars since the Inauguration. The four granddaughters are getting a lot of attention with plenty of girls ‘n’ guys now eyeing-up Robert.

Who is Robert Hunter Biden II?

Not a lot of information is public but we know that he was born on 10th March 2006, so he is currently only 14 years old. He is the son of Hallie and the late Beau Biden and boasts an older sister called Natalie.

If you want to follow Robert on social media, he is on TikTok with under username @hunter.biden. He is not very active much but posts plenty of dance videos… you know, like every other TikToke on the planet. Hashtag team simp!

Hunter Biden II: Height

Robert’s height isn’t public knowledge as he has stayed out of the spotlight until the inauguration. However, since we saw him so much in the inauguration and when he moved in to the White House with his family, Hashtag Hyena have managed to work out an approximation.

No need to say thanks, kids.

Hunter Biden II is about 5’1″ (155 cms) approximately. He is still a growing boy though, so expect this measurement to change soon.

How tall are other Biden family members?

Let us compare the heights to the other grandchildren first. Starting with Natalie Biden, whose height is about 5’3″ (160 cms). Finnegan Biden is taller than Natalie at 5’5″ (165 cms). Naomi Biden is no doubt the tallest grandkid with a height of 5’7″ (170 cms). That leaves us with the Maisy Biden who is about 5’5″ (166 cms).

President Joe Biden stands tall with the height of 5’11” (182 cms) with his beautiful wife, Jill Biden, whose height is 5’5″ (168 cms).

Then comes the children of Joe Biden – Hunter and Ashley. Hunter Biden looks about as tall as his father at 5’10” (178 cms) while Ashley is just 5’6″ (167 cms).

Thanks for reading, and while we don’t know their exact heights we have tried to produce some very close guesstimates. And don’t blame us if we’re wrong… after all, guessing these heights is a pretty tall order 😉


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