TikTok: Who is Baby Ariel’s boyfriend? Meet Milo Murphy!

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TikTok star Baby Ariel went public with her new relationship back in August 2020, but who is her new beau Milo Murphy and when did they meet?

Baby Ariel was previously linked to fellow singer and TikTokker Jacob Sartorius earlier this year, since they were always seen making content together. However, she confirmed that they were both just BFFs in a Q&A video on her YouTube channel.

After announcing her new beau Milo Murphy in an Instagram post in August, fans are curious to know who he is, especially since the internet were shipping her with Jacob, even after deny any romantic relationship.

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Who is Baby Ariel?

Ariel Martin, more widely known as Baby Ariel, is a social media star, actress and singer.

Born in Florida, she rose to fame on Musical.ly in 2015 and has continued to grow her platform on TikTok, where she currently boasts 34.8 million followers. Since then, she has branched out into film and music, where she played Wynter Barkowitz in the 2020 Disney Channel movie, Zombies 2, and sang on the soundtrack.

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Ariel previously dated content creators Zach Clayton and Blake Gray, who is also a member of The Sway House.

Who is Milo Murphy?

The 19 year old internet personality is most known for his TikTok platform, where he has nearly 550K followers. He posted his first video in October 2018 and his content mostly revolves around lip syncing and dancing to songs.

He is a huge Chelsea F.C fan as there is a flag hanging in the back of his older TikToks, and in a Q&A video, he mentioned that his dream job would be a professional football player for the club.

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Milo is on Instagram under the handle @murphy.milo, where he has 43.8K followers. His YouTube has approximately 7K subscribers.

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He is not as active on other socials as much as TikTok, but he has uploaded more frequently with content featuring Ariel.

When did Ariel and Milo meet?

According to their Q&A on Milo’s channel, they first ‘met’ through social media on March 9th 2020 through DMs, but they knew of each other when Ariel realised that he was the cousin of one of her best friends. From then on, they were constantly FaceTiming and texting since Ariel was not in LA at the time.

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Their first date was May 17th.

When a fan asked them to name one annoying thing about each other, Milo replied saying when she “shouts in the grocery store, when everyone is looking” and the actress stated when he interrupts her when she’s trying to talk or when she’s talking to him, he doesn’t reply.

It’s been around 6 months and the pair seem to be going strong, especially since they both flood their platforms with cute photos together. Seems like fans have forgotten about Jacob and are now shipping this real couple!