Is Robert Biden II on Instagram and TikTok? Meet Joe Biden’s cute grandson!

Screenshot taken from TikTok ac of Hunter Biden @hunter.biden

America’s new ‘first family with Joe Biden as the President-elect consists of six grandchildren. And, not only is grandson Robert “Hunter” Biden II one of them, but he is quickly being labeled the “cutest”.

The year 2021 has been pretty crazy already, with the White House filled with Boomers, Millennials, as well as some Gen Z’s.

The cherry on top is that the four grandchildren of President Joe Biden are all active on social media. We will have a new perspective and new eyes on the day-to-day activities inside the White House – yay!

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Who is Robert Biden II?

Robert Biden is the 14-year-old son of Hallie and the late Beau Biden and was born on the 10th of March 2006.

The handsome teen is the eldest of the four grandsons of President Joe Biden and his sister is Natalie Biden, who is 16 years old.

Robert’s father, who was the son of Joe Biden, died of brain cancer on the 30th of May 2015. Sadly, Robert was only nine years old when he lost his dad.

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Is Robert Biden II on Instagram?

No. Unfortunately, Robert is not on Instagram just yet although he has a lot of fan pages. We are all waiting for him to be more active so that we can view what it is like inside the White House.

Is he on TikTok?

Yes. The place to follow this Biden is TikTok and it seems like everyone knows that. He has about 330k followers and people are showering him with likes and attention. His username on TikTok is @hunter.biden and he is getting more than a million views on each of his videos.

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The cutie-patootie posts a lot of dance videos and collaborates with other TikTokers, as well as his cousins.

He has just posted nine videos on TikTok as of yet but is getting the most attention on that platform regardless of his inactivity.

Robert is not on Twitter yet, although there are several tweets praising him. Not to mention girls are actually fan-girling over him as if he is Harry Styles!

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