Instagram: What is the Bleep Filter do? How do you activate it?

Unsplash, Solen Feyissa
Unsplash, Solen Feyissa

With hundreds of Instagram filters to choose from, it is always exciting when a new one is added. The bleep filter, which first appeared in 2018, has made a return to Instagram.

Social media users want to know more about the bleep filter and how they can try it. What does it do? And how do you activate it? Find out more!

What is the Bleep Filter?

The bleep, or beep, filter pixelates the user’s mouth and makes a bleep sound when they swear. It is the perfect filter for the long rant about 2020 you may have been waiting to deliver.

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The filter first appeared in 2018 with people discussing how much they enjoyed it on Twitter. One user said, “Lmao yo that bleep filter on Instagram is too funny”. It could be a useful tool for public figures who find themselves swearing accidentally, or to use on teenage accounts to alert them when they swear.

How to get the Bleep Filter

Type in ‘bleep’ or ‘beep’ in the filter search bar on Instagram and press ‘try’ on your next story. AR developer, Luke Herd, claims to have created the filter and explains how he did it on his website.

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Luke Herd has also developed several other filters for Instagram, including ‘Googly eyes!’, ‘KAPOW!’ and ‘Brainiac’ amongst others.

Fans think that the filter is inspired by the 2004 film, What the Bleep Do We Know!?, which explores the connection between quantum physics and consciousness.