How to follow Maisy Biden on Instagram and TikTok – Joe Biden’s granddaughter!

Screenshot from TikTok video of @scoobeydoobey

Maisy Biden is trending on TikTok since Joe Biden became the President-elect. Now, she can give us the inside scoop of the White House!

There are three generations of the Biden family in the White House right now and everyone on the internet wants to know where can they follow Joe’s grandchildren.

Why? Because we have never had so many of the little ones inside the White House before with their own social media platforms. No need to get the view provided by the news reporters now that we will be able to see the White House from Maisy’s social media channel.

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Who is Maisy Biden?

Maisy is the youngest child of Hunter and Kathleen Biden. She was born in 2001 (her exact birth date is still not public) and is 20 years old.

Joe Biden has boasted about her skills on the court and called Maisy “a real athlete”. Apparently, she is very talented when it comes to basketball.


I got me some bae today? I got me a bagel yay! I got me a baby cake.

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Her best friend is Sasha Obama and it is said that the Obama family and the Biden family get together sometimes. Sasha and Maisy became fast friends as they attended the same school.

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Naomi and Finnegan are her older sisters. They also have a cute little step-brother named Beau who is just 10 months old.

Is Maisy on TikTok?

Yes. Which teenager isn’t, amirite? She is becoming increasingly popular on TikTok and all of her election-themed videos have gone viral.

She uses her presence on TikTok to show off her moves, to make hilarious videos that portray her sense of humour and just to have fun. While giving us the inside view of the Biden household, she also gets other family members to give cameos.

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Check out her some of her childhood photos in this TikTok video –


Middle school has left the chat

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People are loving her on TikTok as she has more than 150k followers. Check out videos she has posted on under the username – @scoobeydoobey. You will also be able to see some of the other Biden family members being cool and totally relatable.


My ankle gave out on my daily dice roll walk @finneganbiden

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Is Maisy on Instagram?

Sadly, this teenager has yet to step into the world on Instagram. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before she makes her page and become Insta-famous!

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She is not on Twitter either but Twitter has a lot to say about her. No matter what you say about Maisy, she really knows how to make a statement with her outfit. Check out this tweet –

This athlete knows that wearing comfortable, sturdy and yet fashionable shoes is important. She is bringing her own style in the White House and we are loving it –

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