TikTok: Who is TheCrankySysAdmin? Viral tech fan!

Screenshot from @thecrankysysadmin TikTok

A popular TikTok user named @thecrankysysadmin is currently spiralling the app as his technology videos go viral. Supporters are loving this tech fanatic’s content which revolves around servers and computers as he gains over one million views.

In this article, we enter the world of technology as we explore @thecrankysysadmin’s viral videos and discover just why he is so popular on the video-sharing platform. Continue reading below to find out all about this TikTok user and check out his interesting uploads!

Who is TheCrankySysAdmin on TikTok?

@thecrankysysadmin is a male TikTok creator with over 20,000 followers along with over 390,000 likes in total on the app.

His content includes all things technology; ranging from computers, servers, networking, homelab and much more.

Despite not having uploaded any content, thecrankysysadmin also has a YouTube channel.

With over 50 followers on Twitter (@thecrankysa), the creator’s bio describes himself using the following statement:

“Interested in computers, servers, networking, homelab, and much more. Educating the next generation of IT professionals. Follow me on TikTok!”

Check out their linktree which contains six different social media platforms that TheCrankySysAdmin can be found using.

The creator uploaded his first TikTok video in July 2020, whereby he flaunted his fancy technology set up.

Having only reached over 700 views on this particular video, TheCrankySysAdmin sure has come a long way!

Keep reading to discover the creator’s viral videos on the platform.

Viral TheCrankySysAdmin TikTok videos

Below we have listed a handful of TheCrankySysAdmin’s viral TikTok videos.

An adult content creator named Renee Winter (@renee_winters) recently uploaded a POV TikTok video which now has over six million views.

TheCrankySysAdmin has since duetted this viral video and reacted as though he was explaining his interest in computers.

This has now gained over one million views along with 150.6K likes and a comment section full of hilarious feedback.

Another popular upload included a POV duet involving funny technology-talk.

This video reached over 400,000 views and tons of comical feedback.

Another video reached over 40,000 views which featured a trending, gaming audio paired with a selection of severs.

For further information surrounding TheCrankySysAdmin, check out their various social media platforms!