TikTok: Who is @injuredpineapple? Viral videos explained!

Screenshot from @1320alex TikTok

A popular TikTok creator named @injuredpineapple recently blew up on the app following a bizarre post involving their female friend dancing in public. Viewers are now wondering just what was going on in the viral video as the creator has since deleted it.

In this article, we explore just who is behind the @injuredpineapple TikTok account and why they are gaining so much attention on the video sharing platform. Keep reading to discover what was going on in the deleted video!

Who is @injuredpineapple on TikTok?

Drew Mayer, known on TikTok as @injuredpineapple, is a male creator who recently blew up on the platform.

With over 8,000 TikTok followers along with over one million likes in total, the creator has gained a large online audience.

Drew Mayer is a 21-year-old Gemini; meaning his birthday is situated between the dates of May 21st and June 20th.

On Instagram as @drewmayer1, he has over 2,000 followers and his content includes images of himself and friends.

A past Instagram post shows that the creator graduated from High School in 2017.

Keep reading to find out why this creator is so popular on TikTok!

@injuredpineapple viral TikTok videos

Although all of @injuredpineapple‘s TikTok videos have gained a substantial amount of views, two of Drew’s current uploads have blown up.

Drew’s eldest available TikTok video was uploaded in April 2020 and involved an animated slideshow paired with a hilarious TikTok audio.

The contents of the audio regard rivalry between supporters of two female music artists; Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat.

@injuredpineapple then gained over 200,000 views along with 30.3K likes and a comment section full of hilarious feedback.

Another popular video featured explicit talk of illegal substances within a group chat of friends and has now reached over 460K views.

However, this creator seems to have gained masses of attention following a recent upload including footage of his female friend dancing while wearing no underwear.

Although the original video has now been removed from @injuredpineapple‘s TikTok page, many duets and stitched videos are still available throughout the app.

Along with many others, a TikTok user named @javiergetbodied stitched their reaction to the crazy video.

Since this upload began to spiral the internet, Drew Mayer is now receiving many comments which refer to the bizarre antics displayed in the footage.

@enki.666 commented on Drew’s most recent TikTok video with the POV statement which Drew has since liked:

“POV: you’re here from MXR plays vid to ask why?! but the actual video is gone.”

Another user named @suprem3_clor0x34 also referred to the viral video by commenting:

“whats that girls @ that was in that vid”

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