TikTok: Who is Whitney Robbins? Age, hunting, politics and religion!

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Whitney Robbins has gained millions of views on TikTok, and users are curious as to why the teenager is so popular.

Continue reading to find out just who this teenager is, along with her interests, political stances and religion.

How old is Whitney Robbins?

Whitney Robbins is a 17-year-old TikTok star from Texas, USA.

With 858.6K TikTok followers along with 14 million likes (@whitney.l.robbins), Whitney uses her platform to take part in dances, challenges, lip-syncing and more.


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The creator also holds 149K followers on her Instagram account (@whitney.l.robbins), where she is categorised as a ‘Public Figure’ and posts content including images of herself, friends and her hobbies/interests.

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Whitney Robbins’ hunting interests

Despite only being age 17, Whitney Robbins openly shares social media content that shows her par-taking in animal hunting.

In November 2019, the teen uploaded a graphic image of herself holding up the antlers of a deer she had hunted.

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The creator has also posted multiple images of herself taking part in family hunting events such as a ‘family dove hunt’.

Due to her large following, Whitney has received many comments whereby users express their disgust that she would take part in this allegedly-controversial sport.

Whitney Robbins’ political and religious stance

As a young influencer, Whitney also uses her reach to express her political thoughts and as a Christian, she also shares content regarding her religion.

Her Instagram and TikTok bio itself reads “God, Guns, Freedom🇺🇸”.

The teen openly shares her political stance as a Donald Trump supporter by uploading social media content wearing the politician’s merchandise as well as sharing information regarding him.

Whitney created an entire story-highlight on her Instagram account (@whitney.l.robbins) which is titled ‘politics’ and contains information regarding her opinions on the recent USA presidential election.

In terms of religion, Whitney informs her viewers of how educated she is regarding her religion by creating TikTok content which involves acts such as studying the Bible.

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