TikTok: Hai Phút Hơn trend explained – and 5 super attempts!

Screenshot from TikTok video of @marlenea23 marlene

Trending on the For You page of TikTok is easy with Hai Phút Hơn song in the background and a synchronized dance routine.

Hai Phut Hon is hands down the best tune on TikTok right now along with some pretty snazzy dance moves. The tune is pretty catchy and tends to get stuck in your head.

The TikTok trend of Hai Phút Hơn explained

The song Hai Phút Hơn was made by Vietnamese artists Phao and CM1X. A remix version of this song was made and posted along with a dance routine by @marlenea23 on TikTok that got viral.

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This video had the fictional character called Zero Two from the anime Darling in the Franxx which made it even more popular. This is the video that started this trend –

This video has more than 62 million views and 6 million likes and that too for good reason. This song is now completely associated with the Zero Two anime character because of this video. People are recording their dances on this beat and getting the best clout.

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Check out this video that has gone viral recently. This is shared everywhere with the captions like “best friend goals”.


We weren’t gonna do this again, but since you all kept asking… @julia.burch #burchtwins #twins

♬ Hai phút hơn – marlene

The beat is very catchy and it can be used to make a variety of videos. People show off their dance moves with this song but they also show transitions and make memes out of it too. Getting creative with this song is really easy.

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Best attempts of Hai Phút Hơn

Brent Rivera also posted his attempt that got viral. He is an actor, a YouTube star and a very popular TikToker with 35 million followers. His attempt was hilarious, to say the least.


She made us do this😂 @jimena.jimenezr @stokestwins

♬ Hai phút hơn – marlene

Look at the swag and sway in this one.

Take this opportunity to show off your curves like this user.

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Bond with your bestie and show them off with synchronized moves. Go all out with matching dresses and all.


i bought us matching dresses @anglerenee27 #ColorCustomizer #fyp #foryou

♬ Hai phút hơn – marlene

Dog videos are always welcome on TikTok no matter what.

Which attempt was your favourite? Share your attempt in the comments below for others to see.

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