What does the Daylight song mean on TikTok? Trend explained with hilarious examples!

Screenshot from @nathanandgrace TikTok

TikTok is currently featuring a trending audio and viewers are wondering; what does the Daylight song mean? This edited sound involves a somewhat recognisable tune and creators using it to capture hilarious reactions from family and friends!

Continue reading to find out what the meaning is behind the popular Daylight song and figure out how you can use it on TikTok. We explore entertaining content and even provide incredible social media examples!

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Ian get a good nuff reaction😂 imma do it to another class next week#greenscreen #fyp #xyzbca #viral #trend #tiktok

♬ hey lol – khaleel

What is the Daylight song on TikTok?

TikTok creators are going crazy over a recent trending sound.

The famous Daylight song is titled ‘hey lol’ and was shared onto the platform by a creator named @khaleel.

Currently featuring in over 170,000 videos, the sound is used in various types of amazing content.

As an edited sound, the Daylight song includes a combination of two popular audios.

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Jocelyn Meiere (@jocelynmeiere) used the song in her smooth transition video.

At first, the sound plays a clip of music from the opening tune to a famous adult-content website.

Then, the audio seemingly cuts into the starting section of a song called ‘Redbone’ by an artist named Childish Gambino.

Childish Gambino begins the song, Redbone, with the following opening lyrics:

“Daylight, I wake up feeling like you won’t play right”

These specific lyrics feature in the Daylight song edit.

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Meaning behind the Daylight song trend

So, why is this song trending? 🤷‍♀️

Since the Daylight song includes audio from a mature content site, creators use it to see whether or not their friends and family recognise the sound.

Therefore, the music is generally used on TikTok to sneakily capture listeners’ reactions to hearing the opening tune.

Are you wondering how to carry out this trend? Instructions are listed below!

By casually opening up the TikTok app and recording a video with the audio, simply point the camera at an acquaintance nearby.

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While taping the individual, it will be obvious if they are familiar with the signature sound depending on whether they take any notice.

Still confused? We’ve got you covered.

If the person recognises this particular theme tune, it clearly indicates that the individual has visited the adult-website.

Continue reading for some excellent visual examples…

Hilarious TikTok examples

Couple creators named @nathanandgrace reached 3 million views on their TikTok video which caught Nathan using his Snapchat camera to secretly spy on his girlfriend.

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Grace drops her jaw in shock when realising that her boyfriend definitely recognised the significant audio.

@caliii.rae realised that own father was familiar with the sound as he peered at his phone before looking towards the camera. #AWKWARD

User named @libchid captioned her video stating that she is no longer able to look at her mother in the eye after she caught her recognising the tune.

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i can’t look her straight in the eye now🥲 #CaliStarChallenge #fyp #foryou

♬ hey lol – khaleel

@zaypelzer even captured his younger sibling’s reaction.

@rodgardner87 tried out the challenge on his daughter before angrily chasing after her.

However, @the_itch stated that he caught the wrong family member recognising the sound as he videoed his dog running towards the camera.

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Creator named @its.just.yunus forgot to remove his earphones when playing the sound aloud in his comical upload.


i legitimately forgot😭 #fyp

♬ hey lol – khaleel

But, wait! The Daylight song isn’t only tied to this particular purpose.

Cat owner named @ron.and.monty shared an amusing upload onto TikTok which included footage of their sleepy pet.

As the audio-beat dropped, the sleeping cat fell from their platform and suddenly woke up with shock.

This viral video has now gained 4.7 million views along with 1.1 million likes a comment section full of viewers praising the pet.

Funny, right?

Go ahead and try out this trend for yourself – catch your friends and family redhanded!