Tiktok: Super Straight flag explained with 5 examples!

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The Super Straight flag is currently trending on TikTok as a male creator coined a new term for his specific sexuality – starting the Super Straight movement. A huge rivalry has now developed on the app as viewers begin to consider whether or not the term is offensive.

Continue reading to find out all you need to know about the Super Straight movement as we explore this newly devised sexuality category and its popular flag. Check out where this terminology originated and take a look at viral TikTok examples!

Super Straight movement explained

Male TikTok user named Kyle Royce recently took to TikTok to explain that he has coined a new term for his specific sexuality; Super Straight.

Super Straight is used in reference to individuals who are only attracted to the opposite sex who were born their gender – therefore excluding transgender individuals.

User named @yngchris03 shared a screenshot of the Urban Dictionary definition of Super Straight.


Drops super straight flag in the comments 👌🏿

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After gaining over five million views, @kyleroyce has now removed the Super Straight sexuality video from his account after it went viral on the app.

In his TikTok bio, Kyle Royce describes himself as the ‘Original Founder of Super Straight ⬛️ 🟧’.

A new TikTok hashtag #superstraight currently has 47.2 million views and is filled with varying content surrounding the movement.

Huge rivalry has begun throughout social media as users debate whether or not this new terminology is offensive.

@stephenamon_ expressed his opinion onto TikTok and explained just why he considers this movement offensive.

Stephan justified his reasoning by suggesting that the trend was created to make fun of transgender individuals.

@tblizzy shared a video explaining that TikTok isn’t allowing content containing people taking offence towards the Super Straight movement.

Tyra has now gained 2.6 million views on this upload and tons of varying feedback.

However, many users have opposing opinions.

@not_jace_newman then responded to this claiming that Tyra’s views are hypocritical since she is allegedly now trying to infringe on the original creator’s sexuality.


@african_lioness also took the same stance.

What is your opinion?

What is the Super Straight flag?

After this new strand of sexuality was introduced to TikTok, creators begun to also describe themselves as Super Straight and even devised a flag to represent the term.

The Super Straight flag consists of two colours; black and orange.

Users have therefore begun using the black and orange squared emojis online in reference to the flag (⬛️ 🟧).

@dewinjack featured the flag in a recent upload suggesting that all individuals who identify as Super Straight should set the flag image as their profile picture.

A TikTok user named @goshjosh90 uploaded a video whereby he laughed at the fact that the Super Straight flag is in fact the logo for an adult-content website.

Before realising a flag to represent this sexuality already exists, @hopidy0 shared a video containing his creation of a Super Straight flag.


He then received comments stating that a flag already exists, to which he uploaded another video explaining that he will make the real one soon.

What do you think of the Super Straight flag?

5 TikTok examples

This trending topic is now spiralling TikTok as users express their opposing opinions onto the app.

Below are 5 examples containing individuals who agree with the Super Straight movement.

Creator named @feverbeaver shared a coming-out video onto TikTok whereby he explained that his chosen sexuality is Super Straight.

@bambambojani_ uploaded a video featuring a trending audio which referred to his sexuality changing from straight to Super Straight as he downloaded TikTok.

@chillauigames described Super Straight as an innate sexuality that cannot be controlled in their TikTok video involving the flag colours while playing a game.

@notorioussuperstraight encouraged his viewers who identify as Super Straight to like and share his video containing an image of the flag.


Super Straight ⬛️🟧 Write in the comments where your from ! 🇦🇺 #superstraight superstraight⬛️🟧

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Users have even begun to add sub-categories onto this new sexuality.

A male creator named @itsveteran_t took to TikTok to explain that he is part of a subcategory of Super Straight named ‘Super Straight and In Shape’.

Tameem proceeds define this as being attracted to women who were born as women and he must find their body attractive.

So, whats your opinion on the Super Straight movement and flag?

Go ahead and check out more TikTok content surrounding this new coined sexuality and see for yourself!