How to do the Google Form TikTok and 5 amazing examples!

Screenshot from @emilylyward TikTok

New trends are constantly circling social media, but recently everyone wants to know how to do the Google Form challenge on TikTok!

Google Forms is a free online survey platform, and TikTok creators are loving it!

Continue reading below to find out all about the Google Form TikTok challenge and how you can get involved!

Screenshot from @sampellicone_ TikTok video.

What is the Google Form challenge on TikTok?

Google Forms is a platform which offers free online surveys for personal use.

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TikTok users have taken advantage of being able to personalise these easy quizzes by involving their friends and uploading the results onto the app.

This platform allows you to create a new survey and edit it with others at the same time.

You’re able to choose from a variety of pre-made themes or create your own for free with a Google account.

The popular hashtag #googleform currently has a huge 91.7 million views and is filled with content featuring the trending quiz.

Whether you choose to generate a light-hearted, funny Q&A for your friends, or a brutal questionnaire for your ex-partner – the challenge can be hilarious!

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Creator named @chloer0ss used Google Forms to quiz her friends.

Another hashtag, #googleformchallenge, has also reached 22.5 million views.

The popular challenge is being adapted in various ways by creators all over the app.

How to do the Google Form challenge on TikTok

To access Google Forms you’ll first of all need to head over to the website!

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You will need your own Google account to take part in this challenge – so make sure you’re logged in.

Once logged in, the option to create easy forms for both personal and business use will appear on the website.

Open ‘personal‘ use and select the plus sign (+), this will enable the production of your quiz!

Create your own title for your quiz – basing it around whatever you want.

Now, go ahead and fill in the blanks by producing creative questions to quiz your peers!

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You can also choose what type of question you prefer, varying from six different options.

When you have finalised your unique Q&A, simply select the arrow icon at the top of the screen which will take you to a page named ‘send form’.

Forward your survey via your preferred method or copy the link and send it to the participants!

TikTok user @toriialexissss uploaded a helpful video explaining how to generate a Google Form.


how to make a google form for you guys that needed it 🙂 #greenscreen #googleform

♬ original sound – toriialexissss

Don’t forget to use your own photo or logo and Forms will pick the perfect colours to coordinate with your perdsonalised quiz!

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Once your quiz has been answered by the participants, screenshot the results and upload to TikTok!

Many creators then choose to use the green-screen feature to explain the responses to their viewers.

5 amazing TikTok examples

Emily, @emilylyward reached 6.1 million views on her hilarious Google Forms challenge video.

Creator, @sampellicone_, featured her Google Form quiz using her ex-friendship group in her TikTok which gained 2.5 million views.

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Another user named @nessia.2.swag carried out the Google Form challenge with her siblings.

TikTok creator, @abbimatt, managed to get her ex-boyfriend involved in the recent challenge.

@icallherbxthany included her high school friendship group as participants in this challenge and the outcome was brutal!

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So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and design your own Google Forms quiz to try out this TikTok trend for yourself!