TikTok: Who is @samanthartsoe? New York City Mystery explored!

Screenshot from @samanthartsoe TikTok

TikTok user named @samanthartsoe recently begun spiralling the internet as she discovered a strange hole in her New York City apartment and documented it in a series of videos. Samantha’s NYC mystery is now gaining her millions of views as users are eager to find out more!

In this article, we explain the contents of this creator’s mysterious uploads and begin to figure out what exactly is going on. Continue reading to find out just who Samantha Hartsoe is and uncover her New York City mystery!


seriously never would I have expected to find this… and I documented all of it #mystery #fyp #nyc #secret #foryou #apartment #storytime

♬ Mysterious – Andreas Scherren

Who is @samanthartsoe?

Samantha Hartsoe is a 26-year-old woman living in New York City.

On TikTok as @samanthartsoe, the creator currently has over 600,000 followers along with 1.8 million likes in total.

Although no information is confirmed regarding her job or background, Samantha lists her interests in her bio as; dancing, adventures and storytelling.

The content creator also has a somewhat large audience on Instagram (@samanthartsoe) with over 5,000 followers.

With over 600 posts in total, she would often post images of herself and friends.

Having only begun uploading TikTok content in February 2021, Samantha is now a social media star after she gained masses of attention on the app.

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Samantha’s NYC TikTok mystery

After realising that no matter how high the heating in her NYC apartment is turned up, Samantha took to TikTok to express that she is always cold.

The creator uploaded a four-part series unravelling her discovery of the reasoning behind this strange matter.

First of all, the 26-year-old captured her hair being slightly blown by a breeze in her bathroom, despite no air coming from the air vent.

She then realises that the cold air is coming from her bathroom mirror – and it moves! #CREEPY


seriously never would I have expected to find this… and I documented all of it #mystery #fyp #nyc #secret #foryou #apartment #storytime

♬ Mysterious – Andreas Scherren

In part two of the mini-series; Samantha is shown removing the mirror from the wall as she is faced with a mysterious hole, revealing an entirely separate room!

Part three entails Samantha’s venture into the strange room.

The creator prepares herself by wearing a mask and gloves as well as carrying a hammer for extra precaution.

Before entering, Samantha asks God to take care of her.


TRULY a new meaning to a “hole in the wall” #mystery #nyc #apartment #secret #storytime #fyp #foryou

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The mystery comes to an end in part four as footage from inside the bizarre room contains random items.

Samantha records things such as trash-bags, boxes and electrical work until she recognises that the hole in the wall has in fact lead her to an entirely different apartment. 😱


crawled through a wall for this mystery so enjoy the finale 🕵🏻‍♀️ #mystery #nyc #apartment #secret #storytime #storytime #fyp #foryou

♬ Mysterious – Andreas Scherren

@samanthartsoe finalises the video by re-covering the hole and stating that her landlord will be receiving a fun phone call.

What has happened since the TikTok mystery?

Samantha has since appeared on television as her mystery series was featured on NBC New York News At 11.

The creator uploaded her TV footage onto Instagram as she expressed her excitement in the capitalised caption.

The storyteller also took to her Instagram story to exclaim her high emotions in a number of videos which involved her happily dancing.

Screenshot from @samanthartsoe Instagram Story

Go ahead – check out Samantha and her insane New York City mystery on TikTok!

Maybe you should check what is behind your bathroom mirror…