How to do the My Heritage Challenge on TikTok – bring old photos to life!

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Following 2021’s Ethnicity Filter, the My Heritage Challenge is the latest trend that everyone on TikTok is going crazy about. Here’s how to bring your great-grandparents back to life with this amazing app!

The hashtag of #myheritagechallenge has more than 12 million views right now and every TikTok celeb is trying it out. The results are unbelievable although some say the realness of it is also a tad scary. Either way, here’s how to get involved!

What does the app do?

We usually don’t like it when an AI-enabled app can distort images to make them look real but this one is an exception. My Heritage app has a feature called “Deep Nostalgia” that can be used on old photos to reanimate them.

The results make them look alive and smiling. TikTokers are opening up their family albums and looking at their family members being brought back from the dead with this app.

It is almost like the moving photographs from Harry Potter but this one needs the help of My Heritage app.

A lot of the users on the platform have lost their parents and the reactions of them seeing their smiling parents after years is just heartbreaking. Check out some of the TikTok videos below to see the reactions.

How to use the My Heritage App on TikTok

If you already have the old photos on your computer then you can proceed to the next step. If not, you should scan them up and add them to your PC.

Then go to the My Heritage website and click on the ‘Upload Photo’ option. Choose the photo you would like to see in animation.

It will take a few seconds but the wait is so worth it!

Here is a video that should make this easier.

So join this challenge and share your reaction on your TikTok account. Make sure to ask your family members if they want to try this.

Amazing attempts on TikTok


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Silk Teddy’s reaction to this challenge is also pretty hilarious.