TikTok: How to fix the “You are visiting too frequently” message!

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Many TikTok users are currently experiencing sign up and login issues. Messages such as “You are visiting our service too frequently” happen to be showing up and preventing individuals from signing into their account. Discover the reason for this below!

Have you came across this issue? In this article, we explore the bizarre error so you don’t have to. Continue reading to find out all you need to know regarding what exactly causes this problem and how to fix and therefore prevent it from occurring again. Learn how to successfully signup/login without receiving this message!

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Can’t log into the tiktok app, be saying “You are visiting our sevices too frequently” #whytiktok#sad#gachalife

♬ original sound – andriod 😋

What is the error message on TikTok?

Are you attempting to log in or signup to TikTok and a message shows up reading “You are visiting our service too frequently”?

If so, this means that your IP address is blocked.

A TikTok user named @pr1svilla uploaded a video which presents the issue.


Can’t log into the tiktok app, be saying “You are visiting our sevices too frequently” #whytiktok#sad#gachalife

♬ original sound – andriod 😋

This problem could either be because you signed up for too many accounts at once, you logged in and out of the app too fast, or you’re using an emulator.

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But, what if you didn’t do any of the above actions? That simply means that you’re receiving the error by mistake.

Even so, you must go through the same process to fix it.

The error message is TikTok’s way of telling you to leave the app.

If you’re using an emulator (such as BlueStacks), TikTok will be able to detect this and block you from signing up/logging in to the platform.

This happens to prevent spammers from accessing the app.

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How to fix “You are visiting too frequently” message on TikTok

There are a few ways to fix the “You are visiting our service too frequently” error on TikTok.

So, you can either try switching your network, connecting to a VPN or using TikTok on a desktop.

Read below and follow our guidance to rid of this issue!

Option One: Switching network

First of all, head over to your device settings and switch your network!

Since your IP address is blocked by TikTok, switching your network can lift the problem as your IP address will therefore change.

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To do this, if you are connected to Wi-Fi, simply turn it off and swap to local data.

But, what if you don’t have local data? We’ve got you covered.

Try connecting to another Wi-Fi network or a personal hotspot. #simple

On the other hand, if you are using local data, attempt to connect to the nearest Wi-Fi.

Once you have changed your network, pull up the TikTok app and try logging in/signing up.

Option Two: Connect to a VPN

This next method involves downloading and connecting to a VPN if you’re not already using one.

If you are already connected to a VPN, try disconnecting from it and connecting to another option.

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Wait, what is a VPN?

A VPN masks your IP address, therefore preventing TikTok from being able to identify your main IP address.

Once you have done this, connect to a Wi-Fi network or use your local data service.

Unsure of how to connect to a VPN? No problem.

Simply search for ‘Free VPN’ on your device’s App store and download one of the listed applications.

Now, connect to as VPN by pressing “Tap to connect.”

Again, once you have completed this step just try to log in/sign up as usual!

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Option Three: Use TikTok on desktop

Finally, if none of the above options seemed to resolve this issue for you, head over to TikTok on a desktop.

Rather than downloading the TikTok app, simply open up the platform on the web and create a new account/sign in to your usual one.

Search for TikTok.com on your computer/laptop and click on ‘Login’ which is in the right corner.

For more information on how to fix this, a YouTube channel named Ricardo Gardener explained how to resolve this issue in a short tutorial video.

How to prevent this issue from occurring

In order to prevent this strange message from showing up on your TikTok, you must stop logging in and out of TikTok too fast.

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Yep, stop signing up for too many accounts, and stop using an emulator!

Why? Well, if you’re logging in and out of TikTok too fast, your IP address will be blocked for spam.

Similarly, your IP address will be blocked if you create too many accounts at one time.

Finally, stop using an emulator to access TikTok because they will be able to detect it.

However, if you haven’t done any of the actions above, then you’re getting this error message by mistake.

Contact TikTok help services for further help surrounding this problem.

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and use our advice to get rid of the “You are visiting our service too frequently” message on TikTok!