How to add Q&A on TikTok 2021 – do you need 10k followers?

Screenshot from @waveywyld TikTok

TikTok is often introducing new features on the app, but the new Q&A option is proving to be very popular as creators love the convenience!

Only creator accounts with over 10K followers are able to make use of this feature, and it’s much more efficient than scrolling through comments.

Continue reading to find out just how to add Q&A feature on TikTok!

What is the Q&A feature?

New Feature Alert!

TikTok launched the Q&A feature in mid-January to a select number of creators.

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This brand new option allows viewers to ask creators questions, to which they can then respond with a video or via direct message.

Brand Coach and TikTok creator (@waveywyld) with an account dedicated to showing the latest trends, alerts her viewers of the new feature.


1/22 -Only large creators and learn partners have it but will be rolled out app wide in 2 weeks #newfeaturealert #newfeaturetiktok

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Another user, @lancealot007, also simply explains what the new Q&A feature can be used for.

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This creator finalises his video by admitting that he just wants to use the app’s new attribute.

Although this feature seems great, a lot of TikTok viewers are questioning its purpose on the app.

@waveywyld responded to one of her question’s regarding this topic with a clear answer.

How to add Q&A on TikTok

Accessing the Q&A section can be easy once you know how to!

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Many creators have uploaded videos explaining how to enable this new feature, below are three excellent examples.

Account named @jobbertok explained just how to activate this fantastic new feature.


Answer to @amxlia.rxse how to get the Tiktok Q&A feature #jobberqanda #qanda #question #questionandanswer

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TikTok creator, @br1n0r, simply explained how the Q&A feature can be made available to you.


Answer to @wigcap how to enable the question feature!! #fyp #qanda #question

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Passionate user, @heyerock, expresses his excitement for this feature since he prides himself on trying to respond to all of his fans.

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EROCK also states that he does not think the feature is working right now since it is not showing up – yet he can’t wait to use it!


TikTok’s new Q&A feature. I can’t wait to use it. #louisiana #BoseAllOut #cajun

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However, some users have had trouble locating this option in their profile settings.

In order to access the feature, make sure the most recent version of the app is installed onto your device.

Clearing the app’s cache in the TikTok settings may also be useful.

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Do you need 10k followers?

The select number of TikTokers eligible to use this feature include creator accounts which hold at-least 10K followers.

Popular creator, @waveywyld, previously captioned an upload about the Q&A feature by stating:

“Only large creators and learn partners have it but will be rolled out app wide in 2 weeks”

While many creators are excited to use this new feature, some TikTok users are disappointed that the option is not yet available to them.

Creator @jobbertok received many upset comments on his feature-explanation video.

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With only 431 followers, meaning they are not yet eligible to access the Q&A feature, a user named @h0spi commented:

“10k?!!!?! Bruhhhhhh 😩”

So, go and have some fun asking questions until TikTok enables smaller accounts to access this new feature!

Five perfect TikTok examples

Creator named @waveywyld showed her viewers how their questions appear on her account.


Answer to @tiktok_physio I think I will use this feature to organize & answer questions instead of video reply to comments #tiktokcontentexpert

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After explaining the new TikTok feature, creator named @makemoneywithstu responded to a one of his Q&As.

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TikTok user with 45.0K followers, @undesirablebanana, used the feature to answer a fun question.

Phil Shields (@philsheilds77) used the new feature in his hilarious video whereby he begins to tell a joke as he seems to lose connection.

This upload sparked confusion along with laughter from many viewers.

Another creator (@her.messy.bun) also used the Q&A option within her TikTok content.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and try this new Q&A feature out for yourself!

Well, thats if you’re eligible of course…