‘Bud Light’ meaning on TikTok explained: Beer or new acronym?

screenshot via TikTok @trentokk

Following the American football Superbowl that was played on Sunday – many people have been talking about ‘Bud light’ on TikTok and other social media. The beer company is one of the main sponsors of the Superbowl. With this topic in mind, some users have found a new meaning for ‘Bud light’

A video of a man has gone viral on TikTok explaining a new meaning of ‘Bud Light’ and many users have found it hilarious! After this video received its viral praise – more people are enjoying the new meaning as thousands have drawn to it.

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So what does this new ‘Bud Light’ mean? This is what many TikTok users have been wondering as they’ve seen it trending or have seen it in their comments. And, due to the Superbowl happening very recently ‘Bud Light’ has been seen all over social media.

What is the ‘Bud Light’ meaning on TikTok?

A TikTok uploaded by a user called @Trentokk was uploaded on the 30th January 2021 of an older man explaining his new hilarious meaning of ‘Bud Light’.

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He explains that ‘Bud Light’ is an acronym for ‘bye you don’t like it go home then’. He implies that you simply just say ‘Bud light’ to someone to let them know if they don’t like it they should home then.

The video has received 3.9 million views and over 500 thousand likes on TikTok. The video has also been turned into a sound called ‘original sound – Trentokk’ which has over 68 videos reacting to it or recreating it.

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Many people have found this video hilarious and due to the Superbowl also making ‘Bud Light’ -the beer- trend it’s very fitting for this hilarious TikTok. Many people in the comments of the video have put laughing emojis and commented on the huge laugh at the end.

The internets reaction to the ‘Bud Light’ meaning on TikTok

This woman can’t stop laughing at the meaning. Like many other users on the TikTok app, this has got her uncontrollably laughing at the new saying.

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#duet with @trentokk I’ve watched this 8283828 times 🤣 #budlight #beer

♬ original sound – Trenton Shepherd

This girl uses just the sound to recreate and act out a convocation with her step mum and pretends to have this has her reply … she’s definitely getting in trouble! 

These two friends make a TikTok sounding out the acronym for ‘Bud Light’. One of the friends kind of messes up the end … lol