How old is Candy Ken from TikTok? Everything you need to know!

Candy Ken
Screenshot from Insta ac of @candyken69

The first thought when you see Candy Ken would either be “Whoa” or “WTF!”. This TikTok star really knows how to get everyone’s attention. But who is he really, and how old is he?

Picture an ultra-masculine body like Johnny Bravo and picture everything that is stereotypically feminine like pink, glitter, and unicorns. Combine both elements and you get the image of Candy Ken.

But this unique guy is more than just how he looks. He is fighting against the stereotype of men who are expected to be strong, suppress their emotions and never show a hint of femininity.

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Candy Ken is a juxt`aposition of both genders and that is why he has gained the admiration of people all over the world. There are so many things to know about him that we don’t even know where to start.

Who is Candy Ken?

The real name of Candy is Jakob Kasimir Hellrigl and apart from being a TikTok star, he is also a rapper, model, and artist.

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Vibrant clothing and the lavish lifestyle of his has gained him 12 million followers on TikTok. But let’s see where his journey started.

Hailing from Austria, Jacob went to Berlin to study photography and film design for a while before dropping out.

He was in college when he invented the gender-bending persona of “Candy Ken” that incorporates girly imagery of Hello Kitty and Barbie dolls.

In 2014, he self-directed a video series on YouTube called “Welcome to Candy Land” which was re-made into a short film later. This film went on to receive an award at the Austrian short film festival Alpinale in 2015.

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It was in the same year when his modelling career took off. He was a model for a lot of magazines (like “Man About Town”, “VMAN”, etc.) and has made appearances in fashion shows as well.




Candy Ken: Age and birthdsy

  • This Austrian star was born on 27th July 1992, which makes him 28 years old right now (on February of 2021).

But you cannot tell from his personality or skin that he is anywhere above 25.

On Jacob’s sexuality and family life

The way he dresses and expresses himself raises a lot of questions about his sexual orientation but he is straight.

He got married to the beautiful Jostacy, popularly known as Baby J, in September 2020. The couple is perfect for each other and they are expecting to have twins this summer.

They even have a joined Instagram account called Lil Bling Bling where they are sharing the pregnancy journey.