TikTok: Small Waist Pretty Face Challenge explained – how to get involved!

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The latest challenge ‘small waist pretty face’ is a trend that is going crazy viral on TikTok at the moment. The trend started on 1st January 2020 and since then it has received over 10 million hits.

The user @leahanderson88 uploaded a TikTok with this sound and many people (especially girls) are following this trend and playing the ‘small waist pretty face’ song.

This song isn’t the first to be helped to get viral by TikTok – as TikTok is used by millions worldwide songs are easily popularised, as these lip-syncing, dance trends and memes are now starting from TikTok. For example C.J Whoopty.

Background of the Small Waist Pretty Face Challenge

The original song was by USA rapper $NOT. This song has become viral as many users have used the lyrics in the song of “small waist and pretty face” to show off just that.

Users have turned this into a dance trend, where girls show and list off their “small waste and pretty face” in a dance-like action, while the song plays over.

Many people might think this trend is just another TikTok dance trend- like others in the past. And, even though it’s gone viral with 10 million views it actually has a deep and positive message behind it.

The trend and song are meant to celebrate women’s bodies and the fact they have a “small waistline” – as many females struggle with body confidence and body structure confidence.

The Small Waist Pretty Face Challange on TikTok

This user is following the trend in the mirror – she dances while lip-syncing to the song.

This guy changes the game – which makes it more hilarious – especially when he shows … actually wait for it…

This user shows his six-pack as his “small waist” – while his boy looks confused as to why he’s in the TikTok.


@willskiiii is givin me 10 dollars for this so say less

♬ use this sound if your cat smells like spicy tuna – AnotherLogi

How to do the Small Waist Pretty Face Challenge

All you need is the latest updated version of TikTok on your iPhone or Android phone. Then log onto TikTok.

Record yourself doing the dance that being: Showing your waist, face, and then turning around in time with the lyrics – perhaps play the music while you record the video.

Then tap songs, then add the sound: use this sound if your cat smells like spicy tuna. Upload it and #Smallwaistchallenge.