TikTok: Who is Brian Miller? Age, nationality and relationship status!

Instagram screenshot @yuppitsb

Brian Miller is a TikTok star who as of yesterday on the 3rd of January has hit 1 million followers on the app. He’s known for his lip-syncing TikToks, extravagant makeup and dance trends.

He has been on TikTok for a year and has gained one million followers and 12.5 million likes. Recently, his TikTok page is attracting many people mostly to his lip sync videos where he wears cool but crazy makeup.

His most viewed video has over 11.4 million views, of him doing the lip challenge in a makeup themed with chocolate. His followers loved this video.

TikTok screenshot, @yuppitsb

Who is Brian Miller on TikTok?

Brian Miller is a makeup artist from the USA – who enjoys doing lip-syncs and putting on crazy and creative makeup on TikTok. He also has an Instagram with 6,000 followers, but on YouTube, he hasn’t uploaded in over a year.

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His fans often ask for beauty tutorials or generally makeup tutorials and he’s really interactive with his audience in the comment section.

He is an advocate and supports the LGTBQ community as he’s made many TikToks talking about it and how everyone should support this movement.

Age, Education and nationality

Age: Brian Millier is 24 years old.

Education: There’s no info on where he went to school originally, but he did graduate from college. He almost didn’t make it to his graduation ceremony which is mentioned in his YouTube Video.

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Nationality: Brian is from New Orleans, Louisiana in USA.

One Million followers and other social media

Brian Miller hit one million followers yesterday on the 3rd of January 2020. His fans have been showing their love for him in the comments.

He has 6,000 followers on the gram but only uploads his TikToks. Recently he uploaded a picture of all of his makeup looks over the 2020 period. There’s a lot!

He hasn’t uploaded on his YouTube channel in over a year – but that hasn’t got much attraction compared to his TikTok as his YouTube only has a few hundred subscribers.

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Relationship status

This is unclear as all of Brian Millers TikTok is of himself – but we do know he is an openly gay man.

Pet Peeves

Brian Miller hates when people try to call him while he’s on the phone with someone else, his other pet peeve is people going through his phone without asking and his biggest pet peeve is when you go shopping and forget your wallet.