Yella Beezy Twitter video explained – what happened?

Screenshot: YouTube Yella Beezy
Screenshot: YouTube Yella Beezy

Twitter has been going crazy after a video has gone viral of rapper Yella Beezy caught on camera half-naked, with no trousers on, walking through his home in the USA.

The video has gone viral on Twitter, and many are meme’ing this moment and commenting on Yella Beezy’s “assets”. The US rapper has yet to reply to this video and fans await his response.

Yella Beezy isn’t the first celebrity to have a leaked nude on social media – many rappers and celebrities in the past years have faced this exact same situation. For example ASAP Rocky and Dababy in 2020.

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What happened in the Yella Beezy Twitter video?

The video shows Yella Beezy walking through his home picking up a few things and doing normal home stuff.

The video, looking like a home security camera, then shows him with his trousers down exposing himself while he walks through his home.

It seems Yella Breezy in the video had no acknowledgment that this was being recorded and then to be put online – as again, it seems to just be a home security camera or something like that.

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We’ve all walked through our home naked before, that why Twitter has found it light-hearted as it was unintentional and just poor luck for Yella Beezy.

Twitters reactions and memes towards Yella Beezy

This person remixing Yella Beezy popular song ‘That’s on me’ – where the hook is “That’s on me baby”.

This person claims Yella Beezy is trying to break the internet with this viral video and is shocked (shown by the GIF) at the video.

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This person is not impressed by the video as she uses a meme of a disappointed man reacting to a video. Wonder if it’s the video she’s not impressed with?

Other celebrities that have been leaked

Chris Evans who plays Captain America in Hollywood films accidentally uploaded an inappropriate picture to Instagram.

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Steph Curry‘s basketballs were leaked at the end of 2019, with a bunch of other celebs that same day- they were trending on Twitter for a while!

Rapper Dababy got exposed at the same time as Steph Curry and ASAP rocky in the same day – again many funny reactions from Twitter.

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