Instagram: How to get the ‘In 2021 I Will Be Filter’ – predict your future here!

Screenshot of IG - @filippo.soccini

The best Instagram filter available right now is the ‘In 2021 I Will Be’ Filter which predicts what you will be this year. It is bound to get some laughs when shared with friends

Do you know what you wanna be in 2021? Have you already made your resolutions? How would you like to know what Instagram thinks you will be this year?

Here is the most trending filter on Instagram that is brightening everyone’s selfie game.

It is getting a lot of laughs and motivating people to do better. It is also showing hope after a year of being locked up inside the house. This filter is a way of opening yourself up to a new year with a positive outlook.

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The only problem is how to get this awesome filter. To get a filter on Instagram, you have to find someone who has already used it and click on their link. Which makes it a little difficult to find good Instagram filters. We will not only help you find this filter but also explain how it works.

What does ‘In 2021 I Will Be’ Filter do?

A filter called 2020 predictions went viral last year that predicted how your year would be like. Because of its popularity, the same filter is back to predict your 2021.

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So this filter is a virtual game in which you have to turn on the filter which will detect your face. It will place a box on top of your head that will say “In 2021, I will be” and then scroll through a number of predictions and stop at one of them. The one it stops at is what you will be this year. Sounds fun, right?

How to get ‘In 2021 I Will Be’ Filter

Instagram has made it possible to search for a particular filter now so all you have to do is go on Instagram and swipe right. In this camera mode, you can scroll through all the filters by swiping the camera roll.

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Keep swiping left until you get to the last one that says ‘Browse Effects’. Once you tap on it, you will see the search option on the top right corner of the screen. Click on it and type ‘In 2021 I will be” or ‘2021 predictions’ and choose the filter you like.

Let us know what was your 2021 prediction in the comments below.