Is Emma Chamberlain adopted? Life before YouTube fame explored

Screenshot via Emma Chamberlin

Many fans have been circulating social media to see if YouTuber and influencer Emma Chamberlain is adopted and what her home life was like before she started YouTube.

Emma Chamberlain is a big inspiration to many young people – through her fashion and day in the life vlogs she is able to connect with her audience, thus why she has millions of subscribers.

Not many influencers are going viral, for allegedly being adopted – but it seems like the audience wants to get to know her more as she has such a huge fanbase. Fans are just dying to know every bit of detail about her life and she’s such a huge role model.

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Who is Emma Chamberlain?

Emz is an American vlogger with just under 10 million YouTube subscribers. She makes ‘a day in the life’ videos and fashion vlogs, that all average millions of views.

In just two years, Emma gained millions of followers and now has 12.1 million followers on Instagram to her Youtube channel. But life was not always this good to her.

Many young girls look up to her as a role model as she advocates a no-makeup look, Chamberlain encourages teens to feel good about themselves, just as they are. It also helps that she doesn’t consume alcohol or do drugs.

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Apart from her videos, Emma actually has her own coffee brand too. Many fans say getting to the coffee business for her makes sense because in her videos, that’s basically all she ever has in hand.

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So, is Emma Chamberlain Adopted?

Emma Chamberlain is not adopted, despite the rumours. But this doesn’t change the fact she had a difficult upbringing.

Emma Chamberlin was Born in San Bruno, California in 2001 to Michael and Sophia Chamberlain, Emma is an only child. Her parents divorced when she was five years old. Raised by her mother in San Mateo County in the Bay Area.

Coming from a single parent background, she spoke to Forbes and said: “There were times when we couldn’t even go to the movies… because there wasn’t enough money.”

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Chamberlain went through a bout of depression, through a 2017 vlog, she admitted to becoming severely depressed by the end of her sophomore year and an injury from cheerleading also made her even more depressed.

However, doing Youtube and making videos helped her get through it and is now a positive role model for the young demographic. Emma Chamberlin has a huge impact on a lot of young girls, who may have gone through similar upbringings and is now able to relate and be inspired by her.

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