TikTok’s iPhone editing hack explained – 2021’s latest formula!

Photo by- Paul Hoenhorst Source- Unsplash

TikTok has a brand new viral trend that’s taking the web by storm! We are all too familiar with hacking tips on TikTok, and this one is especially delightful for iPhone fans.

TikTok pages are looking like absolute eye candies with this new viral trend that gives you full access to iPhone photos. Users can make the most of iOS-picture editing features and become famous overnight by adding a dash of creativity to this hacking formula. So, get ready to show off your artistic side by using the TikTok iPhone editing hack!

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What is the iPhone editing hack?

Though it is classed as a ‘hack’, in reality, the formula is more about editing than hacking. The concept is comprised of a few tips that allow users to play with the iOS color scale, contrast and shadow levels as well as vibrancy and saturation scales.

Hundreds of TikTok users have tried the technique and shared their posts online. It’s summertime, and the ‘sunkissed’ look is very much in fashion. Users of the app are taking advantage of this new viral recipe to make their pictures look flawlessly sun-tanned.

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How to edit the pictures via TikTok

Some of these iPhone editing videos have gained more than a million views on TikTok. The much in-vogue ‘sunkissed’ look is easily achievable by altering a few features on the IOS photo editor.

The pictures’ exposure is heightened, their vibrancy is set to the max, whereas highlights and shadows are dimmed, warmth is lowered, and the color filter is a personal choice. Once all the settings and applied, you get a glossily edited flimsy picture that looks straight out of a magazine cover.

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Show us your examples!

If you wanna flaunt your summer radiance with friends and family, try this TikTok iPhone editing hack today and share your golden glow of the season with your followers.

P.S if ’gold’ is not your color, there are several other tints to choose from. So, pick your style and design your photo the way you want!

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