TikTok: What is the /Gen trend? And how can I get involved?

Photo- Good Faces Source- Unsplash

2021 is a year that different generations will remember for different reasons. (Besides Covid 19 being a common ground for all), the popularity of TikTok is reaching new heights! Generation-Z or the teens and tweens of this decade are ruling the social media platforms, especially TikTok.

/Gen is a modern abbreviation of the word- ‘generation’. Millions of TikTok videos are hash-tagged /gen, mainly to create a popular community of Gen-Z users whose trend preferences and lingo are alike.

Who are the /Gen on TikTok?

Gen Z, also famously known as the Tiktok generation are people born after 1996. They use a candid communication style and values creativity and humor in their online posts.

TikTok gives /gen the perfect platform to express their feelings towards things. In most of the snippets by /gen on TikTok, one thing seems clear- they mostly choose personal topics as the subject for their posts. Gen Z prefers sentiments, pro-green attitude, and liberal values. We can certainly call them a rebel WITH a cause.

Examples of #Gen videos

TikTok today has almost become a battle stage for Millennials vs Gen Z! Unlike Millennials’ beliefs, TikTok is way more than just silly lip-syncing and viral competitions.

/Gen parodies the values and culture of the previous era, as they are firm believers of liberal expressions and liberal values. Comedy is the weapon of choice for most Gen Z TikTok users. #Gen has fifty million views on TikTok. Under /gen category, there are thousands of videos mocking the Millennials.

Millennials vs Gen Z

Besides the Millennial-bashing, the /gen trend on TikTok is also targeted to create a compilation of videos that has certain factors in common.

Gen Z values, their perception of things, and their way of expression- all are used as common ground to come together and create a community where comedy is used as the best choice of expression. Most /gen videos are hilarious in nature, and if nothing else, you’re guaranteed a free laugh for sure.