Who is McKinzie Valdez? Age, Height, TikTok and Instagram

Screenshot from TikTok @mckinzie.valdez

TikTok star Mckinzie Valdez is getting a lot of popularity on social media. Let’s get to know her age, height, and all about her content.

You can call McKinzie an Instagram model and a TikTok star based on her popularity on both platforms. But how much do you know about the model herself? Let’s dive into some of her personal details.

Who is McKinzie Valdez?

McKinzie is popular on TikTok as she has more than 900k followers on the platform. Here, she shares videos of her dance routines and shows off her beautiful body.

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You can see how much people love her content by the amount of positive comments on her videos and the fact that she has received more than 11 million likes on her videos.

She is also on Instagram but it is in her starting days because she only has 178k followers. But she isn’t that active here as there are only 32 posts in total (on 29th March 2021).

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The best platform to engage and look at McKinzie content is on Cashapp where she posts videos exclusive to her hardcore fans.

She is also on the gaming platform called Twitch but she has not posted any videos yet.


may or may not see a lot of videos with sound 😅 #souljaboy

♬ original sound – Liyah🙃💖💯

What is McKinzie Valdez’s age?

McKinzie Valdez is around 21-25 years old. She has kept her private life separate and not revealed her birth date but can figure out her approximate age.

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Her height, nationality, and career

This beautiful brunette was born in New York and her nationality is American. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

When it comes to her career, she earns through modeling, being a social media star, and through Cashapp videos.

McKinzie on TikTok

She rose to fame because of her curvy body and her dance routines. People follow her to see her lip-syncs and dances which are entertaining to watch.

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These social media platforms bring users to her Cashapp where she posts NSFW images and videos. There was a rumor going around that her Cashapp videos were leaked on Reddit but we don’t know if they did.