TikTok: @moniquedelacroix drama explained – and why it’s been deleted!

Screenshot from Reddit r/Cringetopia by u/oskathy

There has been quite an uproar on social media by a troll using @moniquedelacroix TikTok account. Let us tell you what happened.

A video with “assuming i’m white just bc im white passing” is circulating all over TikTok, Reddit, and Twitter. It has already turned into a meme now. But since the original video has been taken down, we will give you all the deets about what happened.

The viral video by @moniquedelacroix

The video posted by this account has been taken down and the account has been deleted but you can see the whole video above on Reddit.

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The video is replying to a comment saying “ur literally white” by the user @brookerose1312blm. Reply to that comment was this – “assuming i’m white just bc im white passing”.

This sentence made no sense and everyone on the platform was quick to make fun of that. You can see the caption on Reddit which says “Guys she isn’t white, she’s whitè”.

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The 12k upvotes in the Cringetopic subreddit within 11 hours is a sign that it is really cringey. But why would someone say something like this? Also, who is she?

The person in the video

The video is of a very popular model and singer name Julie Tuzet (Instagram – @julie.tuzet). You can check out her TikTok which has the same video without the reply.

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So why would this singer say something like this is explained below.

Drama explained

Julie did not post this video in the monique account. The truth is that a troll found her TikTok videos and added that comment and posted it on the monique account.

Because of the viral video, a lot of people made fun of her even though she was not the one who made the comment. You can check her original video below.

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In her caption, she says that it was #troll, #identityfruad, #harassment, #helpme, etc. Even her Twitter account was filled with hate until users realized that Julie is the victim here.

She asked for help in reporting the account and thankfully, it has been shut down.


Please help me report the account @moniquedelacroix ! And share, duet and stitch this video 🙏🏻❤️ thank you for your help #identityfraud #fyp

♬ original sound – Julie Tuzet